Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Blessing: The Benediction

This is the final installment of these blessings written by my students to their unborn children. Thanks to the kids for a wonderful job and thanks to Chelsey and Hanna for typing! I also appreciate your feedback!

"Good night, my love. May your dreams be sweet. Turn away from demons and let God light your life. I will always watch over you as well as the angels above. I could NEVER feel more blessed than I do now. May you be selfless and show kindness to others. Be a disciple of God and inspire others to follow Him, too. I love you more than you can imagine."
Kiley, Grade 10

"My child, you are God's temple. Let it be pure and filled with love. Show love to others and to yourself. May you live freely in your dreams. Sleep now, my child, and let God be with you."
Paul, Grade 10

"My dear baby; You are the most beautiful baby and I love you to death. All I want you to know is how special you are. God made you just like your mommy wanted and I am so happy you are with me. I love you forever and ever."
Hyunji, Grade 12

"Good night, my son. May heaven shine upon you with wisdom. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to a righteous path. Do not let evil consume you. Let your heart be pure and filled with love. Show compassion to those who mistreat you. I love you, my son."
Johnavon, Grade 10

"When you lay your head down, He will protect you. When you brush your teeth, He will protect you. While I brush your hair, He will keep you safe. So, don't worry, honey. Pray to God and Daddy and I will will always be there."
Deandra, Grade 10

"Don't be scared, my love. Even thought the night is dark, I am here and God is here. Close your eyes and sleep. You are safe with me. Don't be scared, my love.
Betsy, Grade 10

"Dear, sweet child; I feel as if I have known you forever. My own blood, and that of your father's, runs through your veins and I hope you will take our advice in the coming years. You will ride through many difficult tasks and times will turn against you. But, always, by your side, your loving family will stand, hand in hand with God. Remember the light and the good when you wake late at night, for you are never alone, not even in your darkest hour. When your family is long gone, our love remains in the name of our Lord. Never stray from God, my sweet child, and always remember the love."
Curran, Grade 10

"My child, may you always be without worry or strife for God is there to comfort you, even when I am not. May you be blessed by His love and lifted up by His word. As you grow up, may you prosper and live in Christ."
Joey, Grade 10

"You are a winner and a champion and God has special plans for you. May he watch after you while you sleep and may He watch over you when you stand."
Forrest, Grade 9

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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