Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Here is another quiz I gave my Bible students. Test your Bible knowledge and let me know how you did. The answers are below.

Bible 10
Matthew 1:18-2:23
NAME ________________

1. How is Joseph described? _______
a. righteous b. lonely c. angry d. confused
2. Was Joseph going to divorce Mary publicly or quietly? ____________

3. Is the name of the angel given? _____
4. Joseph is referred to as the son of: _______
a. God b. Moses c. Jacob d. David
5. Joseph was told the baby was conceived from the __________________.
6. “Immanuel” means: _______

a. the gift of God
b. messiah
c. God with us
d. Savior
7. Where is Bethlehem? _______
a. Judea b. Syria c. Egypt d. Galilee
8. From what direction did the Magi come? _____________
9. The Magi called the baby, ‘the king of: _______

a. Israel
b. the Jews
c. everyone
d. the Gentiles
10. The priests and teachers of law knew the Christ would be born in Bethlehem. TRUE-FALSE
11. Herod told the Magi he wanted to kill the baby. TRUE-FALSE

12. The Magi found the baby by following a cloud of fire. TRUE-FALSE
13. Which was NOT a gift from the Magi to Jesus? ________
a. silver b. gold c. incense d. myrrh
14. The Magi returned and told Herod where to find Jesus. TRUE-FALSE
15. Because of a dream, Joseph took his family to: _______
a. Iran b. Lebanon c. Samaria d. Egypt
16. Joseph stayed away until Herod forgave him for fleeing with Mary and Jesus. TRUE-FALSE
17. When he returned to Israel, Joseph took his family to live in: _______
a. Jerusalem
b. Bethany
c. Nazareth
d. Jericho

1. A 2. quietly 3. NO 4. D 5. Holy Spirit 6. C 7. A 8. East
9. B.
10. True 11. False 12. False 13. A 14. False 15. D 16. False 17. C

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Luke 18:1
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