Saturday, October 25, 2008

God, In The Words Of A Sophomore

This week, we watched a section from Philip Yancey's video series, The Jesus I Never Knew. In this particular unit, Yancey shares a film clip from a movie that looks at religion called Heaven. This clip showed snippets of interviews of random people trying to describe the Lord. At the conclusion of the tape, my tenth graders put their own thoughts on paper, attempting to convey the essence of God. Here is a sampling of their views:

"God is creator of heaven and earth and He sent His son to be my savior. He is merciful and gives grace. He could be anyone or anything. When I see a child who has nothing receive a toy or bread and is so grateful with the biggest smile on his face, I think God is there. In any act of mercy, love, or grace, God is there. When we have the strength to be kind to an enemy, God gives the strength to us."

"God is my sword and armor who protects me from evil and deception, who fights for me to grow and mature. He was my friend before I had friends. When I call Him, He listens when no one else will. He watches over you with a shining light that shines on you as a child of God."

"God is everything except visible. He knows everything about everyone and even things we don't know about ourselves. He is the reason we are here and he created us for a purpose: we should praise Him for that and for His son, the savior."

"God is the master and creator of everything known and unknown in the universe and beyond that. God is just and kind, sending His son to die on earth for all humanity to be able to live eternally with Him. His appearance is flawless for He is the symbol of perfection that our human likeness is based on."

"I see God as my friend. I see Him caring for me when I can't care for myself and allowing me to cry on His shoulder. Just His presence makes me smile"

"God is our Father and is all knowing. God tests us and if He brings us to a problem, He knows that we can get through it. God inspires us to do the unmeasurable. He teaches us about life but never forces us to do what we don't want to do. With God on my side, whom should I fear?"

"To me, God is three major things. God is the Almighty artist. His creations magnify His power and splendor. God is comfort, the Almighty comforter of our grief and troubles. Lastly, God is victory, saving us from death and allowing us to triumph in His glory."

"Unlike the elderly woman in the video, God cannot simply be electricity. I perceive God as everything that is good: all knowing, all powerful, wise, intelligent, caring, loving, gracious, yet strict in His ruling. I see Him as a father. When looked at by a child, a father is wise, loving, and powerful but the father instills his message in his child by being strict and yet forgiving when the child strays from the path."

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Luke 18:1
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Bev said...

Steve, when you write another book, these kids interpretations of what God is should be a chapter. I was very impresedby their depth and ability to express themselves. I know you are a great mentor to them--they are lucky to have you in their lives. I read Megan's entry and cried, she certainly is something very special. Love you--Steve&Beverly