Sunday, October 26, 2008

God, In The Words Of A Sophomore (Part 2)

(This is a continuation from yesterday, October 25.)
This week, we watched a section from Philip Yancey's video series, The Jesus I Never Knew. In this particular unit, Yancey shares a film clip from a movie that looks at religion called Heaven. This clip showed snippets of interviews of random people trying to describe the Lord. At the conclusion of the tape, my tenth graders put their own thoughts on paper, attempting to convey the essence of God. Here is a sampling of their views:

"God is above all. He is the creator of the world. He is amazingly powerful and watches over us, guiding and protecting us from evil beings. He gives grace and mercy but allows us free will to choose Him or evil. He is there when we can't see Him, even when we are asleep. And He is three-in-one: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."

"God is everything! He is mother to the motherless and father to the fatherless. He's friend to the friendless and hope to the hopeless. He's the reason why I'm here today!"

"We were made in His image to glorify Him. We need to praise Him because He gave us the gift of life that wasn't ours to begin with. Life is a relationship with God and Jesus Christ."

"God, to me, is a massive, powerful spirit who resides in the clouds above us. I think He is all races- black, white, Hispanic, Asian, etc. He is intelliegent and powerful."

"God is like something you can't describe or comprehend. It's like giving a three year old a Rubik's Cube and telling him to solve it in four seconds- it can't be done. God is in the past, present, and future."

"God is every believer combined into a wind. He is the air we breathe, the water that we drink. Everything that has matter has God. God is love. Love is God."

"I think God loves children very much. He is the Holy One, the light to illuminate our way of life. He is Lord of Lords, the One we should praise."

"God is like a best friend who never has to go home. He doesn't disown you when you do something bad or embarrassing. He always has open hands and an open heart. He gets angry but never turns His back on you."

"God is the only source of unconditional love. God is the only one I will know before I was born and for eternity. God is always consistent. How can I repay Him for all He is and all He has done? I can give Him my life."

"God has no face and no body. He is all emotions and all thoughts."

"God is like Jesus. He will give us love, give us tears, give us happiness, give us death, and give us everything. If you want love from God, you need to give love to others. God is very fair."
Cheng Yang Bian

"God has the ability to take the ugly out of someone and make it into beauty. God is there to lean on when no one else is. God is who makes us what we are. God is there when we are not so strong. God loves us for who we are and does not hate us for what we have made of ourselves. God is my heart, my father, my everything. He is there for me."

"God is a spirit in whatever form He chooses. He is the smile on a child's face and the butterflies in your stomach. He is the happiness that engulfs you after a hard day and the mercy given just when you need it the most. He is the one who listens when there is no one else. I always imagined God as a mighty figure, maybe like Zeus. As I've grown, so has my perception of God. He is the Almighty. He takes whatever form He needs for the one who deserves His compassion the most. God is our savior."

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Bev said...

Excellant, your sophomores are to be commended for their thoughts, I was so impressed. God bless them and their families. I know they benefit from being around you during these high school years. Adults here that you taught 20 years ago still talk about you and how you affected their lives. XO Steve&Bev