Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Paul Potts Story (Joe Widick)

I am not into all the technical things that are available on the computer. However the other day my son sent a clip that could be played on You Tube. He made it simple for me, all I had to do was click where it said “click here.” It was an amazing video of the show called American Idol. This was the first time I had seen any of this show. The show was the English version of the hit show. The clip was about a man by the name of Paul Potts who made his living by selling cell phones. He appeared on stage for his tryout. He didn’t look as though singing was a talent. When he was asked what he would be doing, he said he wanted to sing opera. The host of the show rolled their eyes as to say this is going to be a real joke. They had no confidence that Paul could sing, much less sing an opera piece. Here on a stage in front of critics who would belittle every mistake made, and audience of thousands that were poised to laugh at his inabilities, stood Paul Potts. The music starts and he opens his mouth and begins to sing. I am not a fan of the opera, but I found his singing very inspiring. The critics of the show sat up a little straighter as he sang. Something very beautiful was happening. Members of the audience were seen wiping away tears from their eyes. As the song reached a crescendo, the audience began to applaud. When the song was over, he received a standing ovation.

I need to ask you as I ask myself, what am I hiding inside of me that I’ve never let anyone know I can do? Maybe even more importantly, what talent has God placed inside of me that I’ve never let anyone else see? I believe that inside each of us, as Christians, God has placed His Holy Spirit. Through God, we can do immeasurably more than we can think. God takes those who by human standards are failures and turns them into Peters and Pauls as well as other heroes from the Bible.

Paul Potts, the guy who sang, said he often lacked the confidence to get up and perform. He wanted to, but just lacked the confidence. Don’t let a lack of confidence ever keep you from doing something special for the Lord. Remember He was there with Moses, as he stood in front of the Egyptian Pharaoh. He was there with Esther as she made her way into the presence of King Artaxerxes asking for him to spare the life of the Jews. When Jesus our savior made that long walk to Golgotha, God was with Him. I do believe that He will be with us each step of the way, as we use the talents that the Lord has blessed each of us with

Prayer Thought: Help me Lord to use the talents you have blessed me with

Click below to see the Paul Potts clip from youtube.

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