Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Update On Dad

Karis reports that Dad was more alert today than yesterday. He is constantly battling dryness in his mouth due to not being able to drink again but when they cleaned him out, he was very understandable. There is some concern that he is still losing a small amount of blood but Karis said it is not considered an emergency. Another specialist will check out Dad tomorrow to try and find the source. Karis also brought a device from home called Speak Up which amplifies sound and allows better hearing for someone who is struggling. Dad's hearing improved with its use. (Kudos to Sue Simon for alerting us to its existence!) Dad is excited about Aunt Jerry and Uncle Jack visiting and being able to be with Mom. Karis also spent time with Mom today in her new room. She helped feed her lunch and says she was cheerful. When Karis asked, Mom said she misses Dad. She also noticed a small potted flower and told Karis, "We have those in the yard." Karis told me that is true- I didn't know it- which is remarkable! Karis continues to reinvent the yard. She may have found her second calling! Please feel free to send me any message you want Karis to read to Dad at Thanks for all your love and prayers!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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