Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Update On Dad

Dad has been moved into a single patient room on another floor which is effectively a hospice room. He was scared at first, thinking we were leaving and we continually assured him we are not. He realizes the end could be drawing near and he is preparing himself. For some reason, Dad was in great pain as soon as they moved him and we sang to him until the nurse gave him a painkiller which I suspect was morphine. The new room has space for all of us to be inside at one time. It has a shower/bathroom so I will not have to come home in the morning. We are keeping Uncle Monroe and Aunt Julia, and Aunt Jerry and Uncle Jack closely informed of everything. Thanks to so many from Lafayette who have made our struggle managable. A special thanks to Jack Coffee who brought Dad what might be his last Lord's Supper. Jack has done this faithfully since Dad's stroke July 31st and it means so much to us. I will try to update again before bedtime.Thanks for all the prayers: we feel them. Please pray for Karis and Nathan who left for Wichita this afternoon.
God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Sandi said...

Thank you, Steve, for keeping the blog updated. We are praying for Roger and for your family. While I know that it's difficult, we are thankful for the time that you, as a family, are able to spend there with him.

If you think of it, please tell Roger that we love him and will always keep him and Nelda close to our hearts. We consider them our marriage mentors and are so thankful for their faithful example of love.

Praying for peace,

Sandi and David Haustein