Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Noon Update On Dad

Dad has not changed much in the last few hours, The palliative nurse in charge is very helpful in explaining everything to us. I went to see Mom and spent several minutes with her. I gave her the picture Shanna brought to Dad of the two of them taken in Montana. She smiled.
It's funny what goes through your mind at these times. Three hours ago, I drove home to eat, shower, and try in vain to sleep. As I left to go see Mom, I drove past the edge of the folks' property. There sat the horseshoe pit Dad and a good friend, John Haustein, constructed last year. Several months ago, I asked Dad if he had ever had a chance to use it...and he said he had not. I think it is a shame Dad put all that work in and never christened it. If you live in St. Louis and would like to come by and throw a shoe in the next couple of days in Dad's honor, we would consider that a great tribute from his friends. You don't have to ask permission- just choose your end and have at it! (PS: You have to bring your own horseshoes!)
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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