Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Night Update On Dad

Dad is hanging on. His speaking and moments of awareness are becoming fewer and fewer. The St. Luke's staff remains caring and empathetic. As pain and agitation increases, we can increase his dosage of morphine. The doctors told Dave that it is incredible how Dad has even survived this long, considering the litany of debilitating traumas he has faced in the past nine months. A hospital is a microcosm of the world. As Dave and I entered an elevator, a couple got on as well. They were about to become great grandparents as their grand daughter was about to give birth to a baby named McKenna. Scott and I also passed a room several down from Dad's where a very elderly man lay in his bed with no one there to comfort him. (We made a vow to visit him tomorrow if we see he is still without company.) Hospitals mirror the joy and pain of our daily lives. So many have e-mailed and we greatly appreciate it! Thanks for your unceasing prayers for Dad. Please pray his suffering will go away.
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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PS Several weeks ago, Dad told me the good thing about his travails was that we were spending more time together as a family. That is so true. Karen and I debated the poll question posed by my student aide, Devin. I encouraged Karen to compose her own question to spring on the public. Obviously, she had an old sore spot with Scott! The result is the poll at your left. We laughed...and that is
good. Please help us settle this pressing issue by casting your vote!

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Family fun said...

well, i'm guessing (based on the results so far) that most of those voting are women! :)

i continue to be amazed at how long Roger is remaining! I'm sure that by now you've said everything you feel you wanted to say before he 'goes home' so the balance of your time should just be enjoying each other.