Monday, April 21, 2008

The Aftermath...And Thoughts On Dad # 2

The phone and Internet has been restored in my apartment! Apparently, you have to notify AT&T when your MASTER CARD is reissued. Who knew? Even though my credit card never expired, I was technically overdue and with three months of late fees. But, I can communicate once more! Here are some more Dad/Roger thoughts:Although Dad traveled extensively (the Holy Land, South Africa, England, Venezuela, Guatemala) doing the work of the Lord, he never fulfilled his dream of traveling to his ancestral homeland of Denmark. That makes me sad.
Dad bought a new phone at Christmas which I helped pick out and subsequently inherited. It has his answering machine message and I can't bear to erase it.
Dad loved anything red with NEBRASKA on it.There were a good number of folks at the burial in Nashville, Arkansas who were also present on that same spot on December 25, 1949 when Mom and Dad got married. I thought that was neat.
Dad had an incredible love for Mom's side of the family. The Chesshir reunions were a highlight of every other summer. At the graveside, Jay (our cousin) was in charge of singing and spoke of how he could still see Uncle Roger leading the clan in making music to the Lord.

I started re-reading one of Dad's favorite books this morning: The Knowledge Of The Holy by A.W. Tozer. I pray I learn from it the way Dad did.Everyone in Uncle Monroe's family is a good speaker....and Aunt Julia reminded me of Barbara Hershey when she was a little bit younger. (The Right Stuff, Hoosiers)
I have never seen a church serve a brother-siser-family the way the Lafayette Church of Christ has over the past year. I must have posted this fifty times, but it still isn't enough.Being with Dad when he died might be the biggest honor of my life so far.I will never blog with purple type anymore after I finish my thoughts on Dad.
Making up poll questions with Karen provided great comic relief....and most of you still think she's bitter!God bless and love,
Luke 18:1

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Jeanette said...

I just loved how your dad always answered the phone "Hello, Hawleys", even while in the hospital and at Surrey Place. And it was always plural; your mom was always a part of him.
He did love Tozer; we studied that book with him just last year, and he bought a copy for us. We will treasure it always.