Monday, April 21, 2008

The Aftermath... And Thoughts About Dad

I am back in Houston. I deeply appreciate Zach and Haley taking care of me in Oklahoma City. So much has happened in the past twelve days that I have not begun to process it. As I arrived in Texas, I found Murphy's Law is being enforced on me. For some, reason, AT+T disconnected my line so I have no phone or Internet. Hopefully, I can get that taken care of this morning. Then, I discovered I left the charger to my pre-paid cell phone in Arkansas. I went to Wal-Mart this morning and found it was as cheap to buy a whole new phone with charger than the charger alone so now I have TWO cell phones! On top of that, I made it to my 7:30 AM dentist appointment in downtown Houston this morning only to find that my hygienist was out with a sick child. (Dr. Campbell did very graciously do cosmetic work on a porcelain chip for me.) The good news is that I have the final STARBUCKS card we bought Dad so I bought a large coffee and thought about Dad while I drank it.

If it is all right, I may just have some rambling thoughts the next several days. Like I said, I am still coming to grips with his passing. Here are a few things I remember about my father:

He is the only person I know who would heat our plates up in the oven before serving breakfast on them.Every time we went anywhere, he always said, "Let's go, let's go, let's really go!"
He never quit trying to learn new stuff.

Dad was heartbroken about Mom but I think it made him love her even more.Dad never quit on anybody, no matter how severe their problems.
Dad never passed up a soda can when we were out walking.
Dad loved his house well as the 'yard.'
Dad started buying me STARBUCKS cards for presents because he knew I would take him. As much as he loved the taste, he loved sitting and talking even more.
I remember waking up early and walking in their room to use the computer. I would stop short because I would look in and see Dad on his knees, pouring his heart out to the Lord.Dad knew he and Mom were loved. I doubt he knew the half of it.
He was ready to die but he fought with every ounce of his might to live. He knew life is precious.
We can't thank all of you enough. You have made the last months bearable for us and even made pain and grief into a joyous celebration of life. We are in your debt. If you have a memory of Dad, please send it to me at We are adding to the book we made and we love hearing things about our folks that we don't know. You are the best! I will try to start doing new devotionals shortly. There will be something posted here each day. We love you.

God bless,
Luke 18:1


Anita said...

I wish the circumstances were different, but I did enjoy getting to know you better. You Dad spoke of you so often and with so much pride. He taught me the therapeutic value of writing. Take time to grieve, we'll read and heal with you.

Sherry Ann said...

Your Dad's journey (through your writings) made me laugh, smile, cry and rejoice! I am moved and encouraged by you/ the family/ and the whole congregation's love to your Mom and Dad.
Thanks for the love of his son, through your writings i witnessed and im encouraged on how he fought his battle.
He is now with our dear Lord but your Dad is surely continuing to leave a legacy of what our faith is all about. I like his F.R.O.G. band.Fully Rely On GOd! He is now one of my Heroes in Faith.