Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Update On Dad

It was a quiet Easter for Dad. I was able to visit twice and Dave went by before he, Sally, and Scott drove back to Kansas this morning. Dad's roommate, Walter, was checked out of the hospital by his family for the day. I hope we can get Dad to that point soon! As incentive to keep working on his swallowing skills, I picked up a Starbucks mug and a $25 gift certificate for him, courtesy of Jack and Jerry! I read to him a bunch of cards that people sent for his birthday and he told me who the senders were. He also asked me to repeat the story of his surgery again. He desperately wants to get a handle on want he went through. I stayed with him tonight, at his request, until he fell asleep. This morning after worship, I was able to spend time with Mom as well. As yesterday, she was playing with her doll babies. She said little but smiled much. I will fly out tomorrow afternoon. It has been a long week but a good one for our family. We got more accomplished that I thought possible. (Scott taught me how to set the security alarm this morning after all these years!) Thanks for all your prayers!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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