Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Powerful Love

You might remember Athena. A delightful young lady who played basketball for me and sat in my Bible classes has been mentioned in my entries on several occasions. (See Brace Yourself, reprinted below.) Athena is a senior now, much to my dismay. Three more months and our paths will cross much less frequently. We talk everyday as her locker sits adjacent to my classroom. Not long ago, she told me about her most recent foray into the music scene. Her grandparents were about to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary and Athena had been approached about writing a song for the celebration. By her own admission, she procrastinated and was not particularly enthused about the commission. But, as the time drew near and she witnessed the importance of the event to her kin, Athena was moved to pen a tribute for her Grandfather and Grandmother. Composed to be accompanied by her acoustic guitar, Athena christened her masterpiece, A Powerful Love. These are the lyrics:

They make you happy,
They love you madly,
'Cause they're grandparents.
When you feel blue,
They're always true,
'Cause they're grandparents.

Nobody knew,
What their love could do,
'Cause they're grandparents.
The day that he,
Got down on one knee,
They became lovers.

Fifty-five years:
A powerful love.
Fifty-five years.

A love so long,
And still going strong,
'Cause they're grandparents.
They make me smile,
Please stay for awhile.
'Cause I love my grandparents.

Athena went on to wax eloquently to me about the big celebration, held at the Hilton Hotel. She told me about how her grandmother and grandfather dressed in emerald green because emerald is the stone for fifty-fifth anniversaries. She talked about how her grandparents had each married their best friend. She related how the same minister who married them on February 19, 1953 spoke at the celebration. (What are the odds that the preacher would still be alive five-and-one half-decades later?) Mostly what Athena passed on to me was how much she learned from the night that honored two wonderful folks without whom there would be no Athena. She now sees the rarity in our culture of a romantic love that will sustain a man and woman for more than half a century and how truly remarkable a feat it is. I have no doubts that the impact her grandmother and grandfather's fidelity to each other will carry over into the time when the lovely Athena makes that lifelong commitment herself. Let me finish with Athena's own words:

"I believe that God has been there for my grandparents from the beginning and I know that He will continue to bless them and all of my family. Now I look back and realize that was a night that will never happen again. Fifty-five years only comes once and you never know if it will be their last one together. I learned not to take things for granted. Love is a powerful word and God is love. I learned to live, to laugh, and to love. With those three L's and God, I can get through life."

Applicable quote of the day:
"Let's, let's stay together,

Loving you whether, whether,
Times are good or bad, happy or sad."
Al Green (from Let's Stay Together)

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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