Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beatitudes: The Sequel (Sophomore Standard Version)

I'm not sure if the Holy Spirit informed Luke that there would be a sequel to his Gospel while he was penning his initial work to Theophilus. Part Two of Luke's history of the Life of Christ and the early church became known as Acts (Of The Apostles) to the religious world. When I used some of my seventh period students' writings in Thursday's entry, I had so much positive feedback that I decided to incorporate my second and fifth periods as well. We know that Rocky turned into five sequels, none as good or as fresh as the original, but I hope you will once more glean a little insight into the Scriptures from the minds of my Westbury Christian sophomores. The Beatitudes Redux:

"Blessed are the forgotten for God has an excellent memory." Luke

"Blessed are you who have nothing to eat for the fruit of the Lord is everlasting." Ashton F.

"Blessed are those with no money for everything in heaven is free." Parker

"Blessed are those who stand alone for they will stand for what is right." Jessica

"Blessed are you when you feel left out for you will understand others who are lonely." Jeewha

"Blessed are those who are not as intelligent for God is their teacher." Leticia

"Blessed are you who fail algebra for you will pass every test God gives you." Syundai

"Blessed are you when a modeling agency rejects you because you are beautiful in the eyes of God." Kristi
"Blessed are the picked on for there will be no mean people in heaven." Justin
"Blessed are the paralyzed for they will walk to the Promised Land." Courtney

"Blessed are you when you eat lunch alone for God will be spiritually by your side." Kirstie

"Blessed are you who can't drive for there won't be any cars in heaven anyway!" Devin
"Blessed are the ones who never have babies for the kids in heaven will all be their children."

"Blessed are the blind for they can't see the worst in people." Laney
"Blessed are the obese for they will be thin in heaven." Andrew
"Blessed are you when you are upset for God will always listen to what you want to share with him." Patti
"Blessed are the enslaved for there will be freedom in heaven." Ashton S.
"Blessed are the shipwrecked on an island for God will be their companion instead of Wilson." (see the movie, Castaway) Skye

"Blessed are you when you are fired for God will get you a job for serving Him." Emily

"Blessed are you when your parents tell you you have to move for God is opening new doors for you." Kelsey

"Blessed are you when you lose the love of your life for you have found out that you can love." Adam
Once again, their teacher said, "AMEN."

Applicable quote of the day:
"The Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount are the only ethical codes anybody needs."
President Harry S. Truman

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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