Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Update On Dad

Dad was feeling good this evening, still enjoying his visit with Cecelya. He felt his therapy sessions were productive today and he feels he is improving at dominoes, a game he is having to relearn. He is excited about hopefully going home for the holidays and then moving to Wichita. Last night, nineteen members of one of their churches' home groups brought supper and spent time was Dad. He was so grateful and excited. Thanks for your continual prayers for both Dad and Mom!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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PRAYER REQUEST: Please keep Gail Kommer in your prayers. Gail is a dear friend of my folks, going all the way back to college days. She has been widowed twice and now has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Gail has done so much for Mom and Dad during their time in St. Louis. Please pray for healing for this dear Christian sister!

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Family fun said...

i'm glad that your dad is doing well and enjoying your sisters' visit.

i received an email regarding Gail today:

Gail was admitted to St. Luke's Hospital this afternoon due to continuing shortness of breath. Her room number is 7722A, and her room telephone number is 314-523-2752. She would welcome phone calls or visits.

At the hospital today, she was able to meet the pulmonologist who is going to do her bronchoscopy. He said that due to her shortness of breath and other symptoms, it is necessary to move the testing forward. He will now schedule the bronchoscopy (and biopsy) for Tuesday morning.

A clarification: the pulmonologist very clearly stated today that it was too soon to say that Gail has lung cancer. She did have an abnormal CT scan on Friday, and the symptoms she has been having can be indicative of lung cancer, but if it is, it will be confirmed by the biopsy on Tuesday.