Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day Update On Dad

Good afternoon from Nashville, Arkansas! I drove here yesterday from Kansas. I'm staying with Aunt Jerry and Uncle Jack. My cousin Marsha and her children, the wonderful Emma and Walker, just left to return to their home in Searcy, Arkansas. Last night, we visited for several hours with Uncle Bill and Aunt Tommye who live only a mile away. I learned some things which I'll speak of in coming days, Lord willing. I'm always nostalgic when I am blessed to come here, the birthplace of my mother. The following is from Christmas Day, 2007. It was my folks' anniversary and the last one they would spend together. It's a precious memory.

Merry Christmas! Dad had a very good day. Ben and I filled up Dad's pill trays with his prescriptions. (Ben will start med school in the Fall so it was good practice!) Dad is diligent about doing his morning and evening therapy exercises. Sally made a very good Christmas dinner for us. We picked up Mom from the West County Care Center for lunch. It was the first time Mom had been back home since she moved to West County. Dad was in heaven! After lunch, Mom and Dad sat on the couch for an hour together and Mom went to sleep on Dad's shoulder. It was Dad's best gift! This also happens to be their 58th wedding anniversary! Dave and Sally leave in the morning and Scott and Karen and kids drive in tomorrow from Iowa. We will be meeting on Thursday with a lawyer to help facilitate their move to Kansas. We will also meet with the realtor and a friend of Mom and Dad who is in charge of painting the inside of the house. Please pray for us as we help our parents make this transition. I hope your holidays are blessed and your family is safe. Thanks for all so many of you have done for us!

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Luke 18:1
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astrosfreak09 said...

Aw, I'm really happy that your dad had a good Christmas with you and your mom and the rest of the family! I hope the rest of your break goes well!
God Bless
Love ya
Downtown Brown