Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday Update On Dad

Dad had an up and down day. He broke his glasses and he burned his back slightly on a aroma/heating pillow. On the good side, Sue Simons, who is in town, brought Mom for a visit! Dad was not expecting this good fortune so he was completely surprised and emotional. He is a trooper as he continues his therapy. Sue thinks he may be able to return home in a week although it isn't easy getting a date nailed down. Please pray for Dad's back. It started hurting again after being dormant for weeks and it makes any movement potentially painful. Thanks for all you do!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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Sally said...
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Sally said...

Hey Steve, I miss him so so much.
I'm really praying that he comes home soon.High five to Sue Simons for the surprise..that was so sweet of her and it lifted him I belive.
"Blessed be his Name"

astrosfreak09 said...

Sorry to hear about his glasses and his back, that kind of sucks. But it's good that he got to see your Mom, sounds like that always helps him get through tough times.
God Bless
Love ya
Dowtnown Brown