Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rightful Owner

A school tends to be one big lost and found. Big things, little things- it doesn't matter. Sometimes I find something...and a good lesson in the process! The following, one of those types of lessons, is from January 22, 2007.

I found an earring this morning on the table next to my ironing board. It was one of those little stick earrings, the kind favored by my middle school girls' basketball team. In fact, I check ears for jewelry first thing at practice each morning; if a girl is wearing any, it comes off, sometimes getting handed to me. I put them in my khaki shorts' pocket and hopefully I remember to give them back. When we began practice this morning, I asked who the earring belonged to and there were no takers. Being silly in my first two Bible classes of the day, I related what happened and hatched a goofy scheme. There is a stunning woman who until recently was news anchor at the CBS affiliate in Houston. Bearing the jewelry, I would find the lady and tell her, ala Cinderella, that I planned to marry whomever the earring fit. (Of course, one of my female students interjected that an earring fits anyone but that is beside the point.) During my fifth period sophomore class, I was half-way through the routine and receiving a warm reception for my schtick when suddenly, Johnita burst out, "Coach Hawley, that's my earring!" She explained she had lost it in the gym (she's one of our Westbury Christian cheerleaders) two months ago. I imagine I picked it up thinking it belonged to one of the junior high Lady Wildcats. Johnita examined the earring with a small pearl and knew it was hers. Being a man of my word, I knelt in front of her desk and exclaimed, "Johnita, I have a question to ask you." We had a good laugh but my romantic notions went out the window. Only twenty-three days until Valentines Day. I am sorely in need of Plan B.

You know, that earring meant nothing to me. It meant nothing to any of my players or students....except one. Johnita recognized it instantly and was thrilled at its return, in spite of thwarting my best chance for a marriage proposal. Maybe it's value and worth to Johnita is simply sentimental but that is none of my business. The owner recognized her treasure and the others could have cared less. In speaking of his flock in John 10, Jesus proclaimed:
"I know my sheep and my sheep know me."
In fact, four times in that chapter the term I know is used in the relationship of the shepherd and his flock. There was recognition between Jesus, the Father, and the lowly sheep. Recognition meant a relationship and acceptance. That earring wasn't mine- I was an impostor and it would bring no relationship for me. But now, like a wandering sheep found by its shepherd, that earring is in its rightful place. Lisa Foronda will just have to wait.

Applicable quote of the day:
"You can always tell what kind of person a man really thinks you are by the kind of earrings he gives you."
Audrey Hepburn

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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jeepsusan said...

Well Coach Hawley...I will just have to continue to pray that one day your princess will come! I truly believe that your mom, in her own special way, continues to pray for that as well - as always!

Love and prayers,


graceflyer said...

Well, I have never been given any earrings as a present from a man so Audrey must know. :)

I like the analogy, though.