Monday, May 02, 2016

A Time To Love

A number of the youngsters who will attend our basketball camp in the coming weeks have moms and dads who spend a good bit of time at WCS. Schools could not exist without parental volunteers. Let me correct that: they could not run efficiently. Whether public or private or Christian, parents supply the kids and the extra help educational institutions need to flourish. The following, from November 2, 2006, emphasizes that point.

We had a PTO meeting tonight at Westbury Christian School. I can't begin to tell you the impact our Parent Teacher Organization has had the past several years on WCS. We had a terrific crowd of both parents and teachers/administrators/staff with some kids thrown in who accompanied the folks. It was a typical meeting with recognition of volunteers and a discussion of upcoming projects. The leaders have a strict agenda and abide by it, promising to be in and out in one hour. Women tend to predominate in the leadership roles of groups like the PTO. I don't know if it is simply the tradition of such organizations or if our economy makes it more conducive for mothers to be at the forefront. Maybe it's nothing more than women are more apt to volunteer their time. Regardless, we are blessed with the interest of our school family parents. Westbury Christian has improved as our PTO has flourished. That cannot be coincidental.

On evenings when we have school activities, I usually grab some fast-food takeout for supper on the way home. Tonight, I stopped at a neighborhood Chinese restaurant after the meeting. I have to confess, I bought supper there last night after Bible study as well which almost translates into a trend. This place is a family business with mom and dad and their Asian version of My Three Sons. The youngest is in kindergarten; last night, I hid behind a booth and jumped out as he ran around the dining area. He remembered me and we had a conversation tonight about his school life. The middle boy was engrossed in a magazine. The oldest, a fourth grader, was helping his mother run the cash register with flawless and impeccably polite English. As I left with my order of General Chicken, the mother apologized for her boys disturbing me. I told her I was a teacher and was around kids constantly. The kindergarten son followed me out the door to show me the family car after I explained I drive a Toyota. (He had been grabbing my keys with tongs.) He waved good-bye as he re-entered the diner. There were more customers for him to entertain.

Several months ago, a students left a comment on a quiz in which she wrote,
"alot of kids, like me, just want someone to show some interest in them." That's what blesses the children of the parents attending our PTO meeting and those Chinese boys in the restaurant. When mothers and fathers make the effort to spend time with their children and on behalf of their offspring, the next generation of that family will be blessed. Time is as difficult as money to amass and just as difficult to relinquish. Parents have to sacrifice to give their children the best chance to succeed. It might be sitting on hard chairs listening to reports about Coke sales for band instruments or it might be allowing your little one to ring up an order of Sweet And Sour Chicken. Time is one of the greatest investments parents can lay aside for their kids. In Genesis 2, the words father and mother appear before there had even been any dads or moms. The Lord was putting the plan in place. There are more distractions now but the kids still have the identical requirement of their folks- show me you love me. There is no time clock to punch but the paycheck will be immeasurable. The clock is ticking.

Applicable quote of the day:
"Parents have become so convinced that educators know what is best for their children that they forget that they themselves are really the experts."
Marian Wright Edelman

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Edie said...

This is so true. We don't realize the impact we have on kids in what we say and don't say, or do and don't do.

I am really enjoying your blog.

Christy McDonald said...

You're right I do enjoy this one. This is a subject very near to me and I am truly blessed by every time I get to serve in any capacity at WCS. It is a wonderful place for Abagail and one day Lily and I enjoy facilitating the wonderful things happening there. My children are not there by accident. :) God bless you, Coach Hawley.