Thursday, December 11, 2014

Steve's Famous Chili Recipe

I'm often asked if I cook. The answer is, 'Sort of.' The following explains my non-committal response. It is from March 26, 2006.

I can't cook. I do have the three pieces of equipment necessary for every bachelor: a microwave, a George Foreman Grill, and a crock pot. My mom used to try to give me recipes and tell me how simple they were but I always refused. Anything that requires effort to cook or clean up has never been an option. The above mentioned kitchen appliances are so easy even I can use them with a minimum of time and skill. Once a month, I make a weekend batch of chili in my Rival Crockpot. This was one of the weekends. With no culinary experience, I made up the recipe myself. Yesterday, I concocted my special blend of ingredients for a NCAA basketball tournament watching feast. It makes enough for two days so tonight, I will finish the leftovers. On the chance there might be other non-cooks like me in the reading audience, I thought I would share my recipe. (It's not really famous but it seems like every dish has a modifying adjective so Famous works for me!)

Two chicken breasts, George Foreman-grilled and cut up
One 64 ounce can of V8 Vegetable Juice Cocktail.
Two cans pinto beans (drained)
One can red kidney beans (drained)
One can black beans (drained)
One can tomato sauce
One packet chili seasoning (mild)
One green pepper (chopped)
One onion (chopped)
A dash of Tabasco Sauce
A dash of barbecue sauce
Mix ingredients and cook for three hours. Sprinkle cheese on top and eat.

I have a confession. I hate wasting time so I bring the V8 Juice to a boil on the stove before I pour it in. I figure it saves at least thirty minutes of crock pot heating time so if you use the speed up process, you can cut out a half hour.

Is my chili any good? I have no idea- nobody has ever eaten it but me. I make it the way I want it. It might be too spicy for some and too bland for others but I don't care. It doesn't affect anyone else so I don't have to take into consideration their wants and wishes. That works fine for my famous chili but the real world operates on a different system. My actions do have an impact on the lives of my neighbors, my students, my co-workers, and my family. I see young people wreaking havoc on their own futures because of selfishness. When you believe the world is subject to your wants and whims, heartaches and frustration are on the horizon. Growing up in a large family was a blessing for me because every action could have repercussions within the unit. Teaching a child their place in the family as well as in society was stressed in the scriptures. What a tremendous responsibility God placed on parents to be the molders of each generation! It is no easy task, even for the righteous. A number of Godly characters from the Bible raised notoriously rotten children. All kids are different and it requires massive amounts of ingenuity, love, and prayer. Family time around a good bowl of chili can only be classified as a step in the right direction! (Feel free to make your own modifications!)

Applicable quote of the day:
"Next to jazz music, there is nothing that lifts the spirit or strengthens the soul more than a good bowl of chili."
Harry James

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Jon said...

the real question is do you like your chili..... hahahaha