Sunday, August 14, 2016

Does Jesus Care?

She's all grown up now but I vividly remember the day recounted below when she was a sixth grader. Rachel was unlike any other young lady I've ever coached. The story below, from March 2, 2006, is about an incident that happened the first year she was on my team. 

I was in the upper school office when she walked in this morning and sat down. I coach the middle school girls' basketball team at Westbury Christian and she is one of my players. Jokingly, I asked if she was in trouble. This girl NEVER gets into trouble. To my astonishment, she nodded...and burst into tears. The tears kept flowing when I walked out. Trying to save her further embarrassment, I avoided eye contact. A little behind the scenes investigative work gave me a measure of insight into her offense, although I am still not quite sure of the specifics. Later in the day, I saw her and pulled her aside. I told her if she could count to a million, she could total up all the mistakes I've made. Additionally, I made sure she understood I was proud of her, not for her error, but for her reaction to its consequence. She was grieved by what she had done, perhaps even bewildered. I grieved for her because I know the feeling.

I don't know what it's like to have kids and ache for them but this morning was as close as I have come in a long time. Almost every confession I hear from kids contains the word BUT.
"I did it, but...." "I was wrong, but..." You can fill in the blanks. It was so refreshing to see genuine remorse for actions. I know the Lord must be touched when we come to the point that little girl did, when we wish we could disappear and we genuinely take a silent oath to never stumble again. Of course, it's not long to we fall again and we repeat the same vow of purity. What a blessing to realize we are not alone in our battle with sin. In 1st Peter 5:7, we are told to "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." Frank Graeff used that verse as the basis for his hymn of comfort, Does Jesus Care? The third verse addresses the guilt we suffer for our sins:

Does Jesus care when I've tried and failed
To resist some temptation strong?
When for my deep grief I find no relief
Though my tears flow all the night long?

The questions the song raises are answered in the chorus:

Oh yes, he cares! I know he cares!
His heart is touched with my grief.

If I can be touched by the tears of a little girl, how much more will my Father and his Son be moved by my entreaties and tears? I can guarantee you one thing: they get plenty of practice!

Applicable quote of the day:
"The tears of those repenting are the wine of angels."
St. Bernard

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JKC said...

Just because you have no children certainly doesn't mean that you haven't been the role model of a loving dad to many a young person. Keep up the good work.

I, for one, appreciate you so much.