Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dad and Mom, circa 1962


drjimwhite said...

Wow, Steve! Tears filled my eyes when I saw this picture. It's the way I remember your Mom and Dad.

Gma said...

Steve, When I heard that your Mom had passed on, I searched your site for a picture of the way I remember her. This one was pretty close.

I first met her in the fall of 1969. She was one of the first speakers at the evening devotionals in McCloud Hall at York. She spoke about family. She told us about a time she got too busy and was late getting a gift mailed off to her mom at the right time. I can't remember the ocassion now, birthday, holiday. Your grandmother fell ill after that. Your mom rushed home. Grandma passed on. And then the gift arrived in the mail. The moral of the story was - for your own sake never be late telling someone you love them.

That night we stood in line to get to the one phone (there were no cell phones) on each floor to call home and tell our mothers we loved them.

Your mother has inspired me through the last 40 years to never be afraid to say "I love you", to never put it off and to always cherish the time that is given.