Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The webpage for my book is It contains excerpts, reviews, and information about myself and how to purchase a copy of What Then Is This Child Going To Be? Lessons From The Classroom. Thanks!


ThomasAllen said...

Hey, you have a nice blog here! Awesome job. I have
a Portable Heaters site. It pretty much covers Portable Heaters related stuff.

Come and check it out when you get time :-)

CoachSutton said...

Speaking of your book...I think I am going to buy a portable heater!

Mary Beth said...

Hey Coach Hawley! This is Mary Beth Markham from way back in Lebanon. I just thought I would tell you about how small the world is (I'm new at figuring this out). I was taking a college visit to Oklahoma Christian and I went out to eat with some girls. I was saying where I was from and one of the girls asked if I knew you. It turned out to be Megan, your niece. It was the neatest thing to find a connection even that far away from home. I hope you are doing well! God bless!

Devin Turner said...

hey i think coach Sutton's comment kept it real!!! I laughed out loud lol when i read it!!!!