Monday, February 05, 2018

All That Glitters.....

On my holiday trip to Kansas to spend Christmas and New Years with family, I packed enough clothes for almost two weeks. I probably could have made it for the duration of my vacation but there is always the matter of how many consecutive days you can wear a pair of jeans. Since I only own three pairs of Levis, I thought it wise to do laundry the day I relocated from Dave and Sally's house to Scott and Karen's home. Sally was gracious and helped show me how- it's one of the more complicated machines I've used and I'e used plenty in my coaching career! But when I pulled my clothes out of the dryer, I found a problem. When I turned a long sleeve, black tennis t-shirt, a gift from Dave a few years back, right side out, it was covered with glitter! Stuck to the stomach area was a small green Christmas tree that was the source of the glitter. How it got there I have no idea but these things happen in a house where a bunch of children have been celebrating the season! At least, it was inside the shirt and none found a dwelling on the other garments. The damage was confined!

My mother was big on warning me about the others my age I would be hanging around. You know, the bad company, good morals sermon. Stuff sticks to you and you are influenced maybe without the realization and probably without the intention to be altered. You smell like smoke when you are around smokers. You pick up phrases from your circle of friends. It doesn't take much exposure- read Jesus' teachings on yeast. The source of the glitter was tiny- and I thought it was interesting that it was evenly distributed on my shirt. My great nieces would have loved the accidental design but I washed it before I wore it again. Glitter is for little girls.

Don't get me wrong- I'm not anti-glitter. I really liked the glitter pens some of  my female students wrote with several years ago; it was easy to read! Last Friday morning, as we began our eighth grade voluntary Bible review for our latest test, Jill walked in with glitter in her hair. Then I saw Alex had some sparkles as did Kennedy. I asked the source- they all said it came from Erin! (Erin, along with Jill, is painting our latest ceiling tiles. Jill will paint Jesus and Peter walking on water and Erin, the glitter queen, is portraying Jesus raising  the daughter of Jairus from the dead.) For some reason, Erin thought Friday would be a terrific day to brighten up herself and her classmates so she did. It was harmless and fun for them. They were happier which made me happier. Thank goodness, we aren't all the same. I want no part of that sparkly stuff but I can still rejoice with those that do. It's a gender thing, I think, but also an age thing if you check the quote posted below. It's the first week in February but today, I received an end of the year report/picture/holiday card from one of my favorite families. I knew to be careful opening it because the good sister always fills her mail with sparkly confetti. It made me smile because this family spreads the aroma of Christ wherever they go. Goodness spreads but then again, so does bad. Love spreads but so does hate. Happiness is shared but so is the flu. I don't want glitter sticking to me but I do want love and goodness and happiness. Glitter reflects the light; what do I reflect? I pray it's the glory of the risen savior. That won't wash out in the laundry.
Applicable quote of the day:
I think once you're past 30, you shouldn't wear a lot of glitter.
Chloe Sevigny

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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