Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Middle School Way (Trina Agee Cornell)

Trina is one of my heroes! We have been on many mission trips together in Honduras and I've grown to love and admire her. She's such a wonderful example, WCS has tried several times to persuade her to teach for us. Trina and her husband Bob live in St. Louis and are expecting their first child!  Pray for me as I continue my mission in Vietnam!

I have the privilege of working with some amazing kiddos on a yearly basis – through a program called Renaissance.  This club takes the best of the best – the kiddos with the best GPAs, best attendance, and best behavior.  These students earn a card for every grading period in which they accomplish this – as well as tickets to exclusive school events thrown especially for them.  In October, we had 300+ students stay after school on a Friday for a mini lock-in.  They stayed from after school until 6:30 to play games, take pictures, sing karaoke, eat pizza, and play in the gym.  Everyone had a blast - and everything went smoothly...
For the most part, that is.  Two of our 7th grade girls thought it would be a good idea to take a volleyball into the girls' bathroom with them.  With one toss, and one bump - one of the overhead lights completely busted.  Thankfully, the girls got out of the way quickly, so they were not injured - but it left quite a mess to clean up.  The principal took the girls into his office - and they both took responsibility for their part in the incident.  
The best part about middle school? The crazy stunts these kids try to pull.  Their unique logic for the decisions they make.  Figuring out who they are - and their place in this world.  One of the many skills we strive to teach them - and one of the three pillars of our school - is to be responsible.  These girls didn't try to sugar coat it - they owned up to their mistake and came clean about everything.  
We need to do the same in our own lives - we need to take responsibility for ourselves - and the not-so-good decisions we have made.  We have to quit justifying our bad habits - and stop telling ourselves that we "can't".  If you really want to make a change - if you are really ready for something different - it takes owning up to your poor choices - and doing something different.  Take action - consistent, daily action - and the results will blow your mind.  According to the scriptures, I do not think the apostle Paul knows the meaning of the word “can’t”.  In his letter to the Philippians, he says proudly, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  He knows the word “can” because he has the Lord on his side.  We are not always going to get it right – but we know we can always try, giving it our best effort, and letting the Lord take control.  You do your best – and let God do the rest.  It’s what He is good at.  
God bless,
Luke 18:1
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