Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Friends Like That

If you are a regular reader, you know there have been several references the past week about my situation with a knee that seemingly out of nowhere left me with very limited mobility and unlimited (in my exaggerated state of mind) pain. My short-term life has changed significantly; no working out, can't coach basketball camp, and I've been outside the confines of my apartment very little in the past seven days. Because I was not able to straighten my left leg, driving became nearly impossible. The Lord blessed me with neighbors like Paul and Ann Arnold. They live in the same complex as me as well as being colleagues at WCS and fellow members of the same congregation. Sunday, they picked me up for worship, having to help me put my shoe on in the process. On Monday, Ann was my ride to school and back for camp. While at school Monday, I was able to ascertain,that the specialist recommended to me by our former athletic trainer was indeed on our insurance and was able to secure an 8:30 AM appointment at his office in Sugar Land, about a thirty minute drive with the morning traffic. This created a problem with my not being able to drive. No problem- Paul graciously gave up his morning to be my chauffeur and made sure I got everywhere I needed, a time frame that took about four hours. And now I'm on the road to recovery.

Let me go back to my opening line: If you are a regular reader...... If you are, you might remember several days back  my referencing a WALMART cashier who wished me Happy Father's Day even though I'm not a dad. Well, this young lady was working yesterday when I took my anti-inflammatory prescription into WALMART for filling. She saw the sleeve and asked why I was limping. I told her I would be back through her line in a little while and I kept my promise after picking up the medication along with a cart of groceries. As she rang up my order, I told her about my morning. I told her Paul took me to the doctor, waited for me, took me to school to tell Trey Austin about my camp situation, and how he was waiting in the parking lot outside so he could take me home after I finished my shopping. And she said, "I wish I had a friend like that." I'll be honest. My mind may have added the like that to her declaration. It doesn't really matter. What she said is the harsh reality of life to many in this increasingly cold and lonely world.

As we pulled away from the store, I told Paul what the young lady had told me. She's from another country and may not have family here or a good network of friends. I took a quick inventory as I kind of grieved for her. I have more friends like than Paul and Ann than I can count. I could have picked up the phone and called any number of people and received the same assistance, but who would she call? It's a security blanket, knowing if there is a crisis, I won't be left by myself. My school family and church family, which is somewhat cross pollinated, are the families I have here while living without biological kin. My confidence doesn't come from a common business address or the nearness of church pews, though. It comes from the bond in Jesus Christ. I listened to the epistle of 1st John today as I concentrated on healing. What struck me was the continual references to dear friends and love. So many miss those bonds which mark believers in Him. My hope is I'm as good a friend to those in need as Paul and Ann. I'm an introvert which doesn't always lend itself to a quantity of friendships but my hope is others can call me if they needed a ride, a hand to move furniture, or just an ear to listen. I'm blessed beyond measure tonight even if I still walk with a limp. But you can be sure that I'm not walking alone, even when I'm simply icing down my knee.

Applicable quote of the day:
Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. 
Helen Keller

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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