Thursday, December 22, 2016

Behind the Scenes

I rarely watch television anymore, sometimes going a week or two without turning it on. Over time, I've turned to the Internet for both information and entertainment. Often when I eat supper, I turn to youtube for my dining pleasure. I really like the story behind the story offerings. The most recent documentary of this ilk was about the making of the movie thriller, Psycho. I was fascinated by the background of this Alfred Hitchcock classic; how decisions were made, how scenes were shot, how editing and music impacted the film's impact. It made me rethink what I think about the movie even though I have never actually seen it! But increasingly I like to know what influences what we watch and listen to and the stories that shape our lives. This morning, I was at the Barnes And Noble Bookstore several blocks from Dave and Sally's looking to purchase some Christmas gifts. On a display near the door, I picked up a book about the writing and recording of forty-five of the best known 45's of all time. The chapters were short and didn't require much time to read. It was spurred probably by an article/video sent to me last night by one of my former teacher aides and all time favorite human beings, Jeannie K. What Jeannie sent me was about the hit single Brandy by the group Looking Glass. It was a fascinating interview with the author/singer/band founder. Did you know the title was taken from his high school girlfriend whose name was Randy? That's the kind of in depth info ex-history teachers glory in!

In five minutes or so, I read the background of two of my favorite songs, Darling Be Home Soon by the Lovin' Spoonful and Different Drum by Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Ponies. What intrigued me was the stress which went into each recording. The Spoonful's Sebastian said they erased his perfect take from the day before on the lead vocal on Darling and had to do a remake without any warning and he was very unhappy. Linda was upset because her bandmates were not used on the recording of Different Drum. Plus, she couldn't read music and sang what she thought was supposed to be an unplugged version with musicians she didn't know. To this day, Linda says she doesn't like her voice in the song and hears fear and lack of confidence as she listens to one of the great records of the seventies decade. 

After all my years of teaching and coaching, I no longer am shocked when I hear what has happened or is happening in the lives of my players and students. Saddened, yes, but no longer surprised. It explains their ups and downs, their highs and lows, their attitudes and emotions and struggles. It can't be a lifetime get out of jail card for bad behavior but at least it leads me towards a more sympathetic approach to teaching or coaching them. Jesus never condoned sin but He was understanding and willing to forgive those who fall, which is a set including all of us. Why am I sensitive to criticism of preachers or sympathetic to the plight of those whose relatives are stricken with Alzheimer's? It's what I've lived through. It colors my attitudes and my resulting actions and it's just one more reminder to me that we all have a story, a biography that reveals who we are. The problem is that sometimes I don't want you to know who I am. I tell my students that all they really know about who I am is what I allow them to see and that information highway is a two way street. We're reluctant to be open, fearing the risks involved. But it makes us more human and genuine and maybe even approachable. Maybe they'll make a documentary about me.... but I doubt I would ever tell you about it.

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God's ways are behind the scenes, but He moves all the scenes which He is behind.
John Nelson Darby

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