Saturday, October 01, 2016

The Family Tree

In a little more than twelve hours, Glenn will assume the pulpit of the East Hill Church of Christ in York, Nebraska. That's him in the middle next to his sister, Glynda, and first cousin, Scott. They were kids then in that same small town where he will continue his ministry in the morning. I've never heard him preach but I do know he comes from a long line of preachers. From Facebook, I see his former congregation is grieving but understanding as Glenn and his lovely wife, Leanna, follow the call to where the Lord has led them. The leaving is always the hardest part, especially when your roots are so deep and those left behind are so beloved. But they will meet again, either on this side of eternity or on the other. That's the way it works and Christians have clung to this blessed thought for millennia. It helps ease the pain as nothing else can.

I wish I could be there tomorrow but there is the small matter of my living in Houston. I'm not just a casual bystander. Many preachers will begin new jobs on October 2 throughout the world but this one is different to me. You see, my dad was the first preacher in that church that has hired Glenn and I was there on my father's first Sunday. I can't remember it- I was only four years old- but knowing Dad, it was a good sermon and I bet Mom beamed. My guess is that there will be no one there tomorrow who heard Roger Hawley bring the message that long ago August morning but I've been wrong before. There is something else I should add here. Glenn is my father's nephew, the son of dad's brother, Monroe and my wonderful Aunt Julia. There is something symmetrical about that to me. The Bible is dotted with genealogies, so and so begatting so and so. This pulpit has been filled with a number of worthy and capable men, starting with Dad and coming, in a sense, full circle, with the coming of Glenn. My cousin is older than my dad who was only thirty when he began preaching in York but the church is also now older and more mature. Our moving from Brooklyn, where Dave and I were born, to the Midwest altered the direction of many lives in ways we will never know. The relocation of Glenn and Leanna will do the same. I love that old Gospel song sung in a round- My Children, Go Where I Send Thee. Sometimes, He sends us to the ends of the earth. And, sometimes, He just sends us back home.

Applicable quote of the day:
“There Is Only One Gospel... But The Preaching Is Different.” 
Cyc Jouzy

God bless,
Steve (Son Of Roger, Cousin of Glenn)
Luke 18:1
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