Sunday, September 18, 2016


The last four days have been good to me, food-wise. On Thursday, I attended a surprise birthday party for Taylor, one of my favorite former students. Her mom, Princess, cooked a terrific Mexican meal and I feasted as I spent ninety minutes with the young lady I mentored when she was working on her Girl Scout Gold Award. As I left, Princess gave me a big bag of enchiladas and similar fixings for my freezer. (I laughed when I was talking to Taylor and Princess came in, reminding her daughter that I was a bachelor and needed to eat!) Also, Princess included in my to-go order a bag of the best dessert I have had in a long time; red velvet cake balls covered with frosting and chocolate sprinkles and frozen. I ate them in one sitting!

Last night, Bret and Shiao-Pei hosted our Chinese congregation at their lovely new home, so new their address was not in my less than a year old Garmin. Our group dined on terrific Chinese food, enough to feed a small army! (Also, they let me watch the end of Nebraska's big win over Oregon!) As my time wound down, Shiao-Pei prepared a large take out order just as Princess had two nights before. Remembering my lack of self control, I passed on her kind offer of tossing some amazing frosted cupcakes into the mix. Sometimes, you just have to take a dietary stand, even reluctantly! I know where my weaknesses lie!

As you might guess, my freezer, which is part of my refrigerator, is quite full. I estimate that both Princess and Shiao-Pei sent enough for three extra meals apiece for a total of six plus the two original dinners- eight meals! I honestly wished I was married but my theory is that ladies will only send leftovers like this with us unmarried guys! And truthfully, I don't like the term leftovers all that much. It connotes something not quite as good as the original which is never true. Maybe extra edibles or supper squared would connote the honor due! Sorry- I got side tracked a little.

The only miracle of Jesus recorded in all four Gospels is the Feeding of the Five Thousand. And if you remember the accounts, you know that there was no waste, that the Savior directed that the leftovers be picked up and twelve baskets were filled with bread and fish. Why? Jesus could have easily made more, as he did on another occasion. Maybe it was the symbolism of the number twelve or maybe He wanted to reward the unnamed boy who supplied the loaves and fishes. We don't know but I do know this: the original blessing kept on blessing. I was honored by my two invitations this week but the good things that came from them haven't stopped and won't for awhile. It's like that with life. When we take the time to help a neighbor or stranger or even a loved one, the ripple effect may result in renewed hope for someone in need. A chance to tell someone about Christ might be in the offing. The recipient also might in turn bless another. The possibilities are endless as we know God has prepared good works for us to do! Kindness is never wasted but opportunities often are. So, never underestimate the power of Tupperware and aluminum foil at the conclusion of supper when your guests are departing. Your leftovers just might be a beggar's banquet, physically and spiritually! And we all need to be fed daily on multiple levels.

  Applicable quote of the day:
The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found. 
Calvin Trillin

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Luke 18:1
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