Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Gift That Keeps On Giving (Trina Cornell)

Excited to share more words of wisdom from my good friend, Trina Agee Cornell! Continued prayers for me in Vietnam, please!
Most Christmases, I could not tell you what I received six months after, but I can for this past year! One of the best gifts I have received just keeps on giving - and that would be my FitBit One.  I received this as a gift from my parents and started using it immediately.  This little device is amazing - it tracks everything from my number of steps to number of calories burned, miles walked, floors, and water intake.  I also use it to chart my weight week-to-week as I visit Weight Watchers on Thursdays.  
This little device has truly revolutionized my level of activity.  I can be quite competitive with myself, so I use my totals in my FitBit to motivate and challenge myself to push harder.  The FitBit people send me a weekly email that summarizes my week, showing me my totals in all of the categories it charts.  This device has been invaluable to my workout regimen and challenges me daily in my activity.
Saturdays at our house are, for the most part, laid back - we do not have a set schedule, per se.  This allows us to get our workouts in - Bob with his running, and me with my gym time.  I had a bit of extra time on my hands, so I decided to challenge myself.  I did my normal workout with some different activity added in, and I did it!  From the combination of machines and steps that I took, I completed my first half marathon at the gym!  I do not know what it was - things were going well, and I felt so good, I just kept going.  I felt completely accomplished afterward - a sense of happiness and joy washed over me.  I did it - I actually did it!
Growth in any area of life requires challenge and sacrifice - Mark Twain said. "If you always do what you've always done, you will get what you've always gotten."  If we want to see change in our lives, we have to set our minds to it, set reasonable, achievable goals, and go for it!  The best part about it – we are not in this life alone.  The Lord reassures us numerous times that He is with us – steadfast and true, He is there.  One of my favorite songs right now includes these precious words:
“I know who goes before me.
I know who stands behind.
The God of angel armies
Is always by my side.”
All I can say is – Amen!  

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