Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mistakes: They’re Inevitable! (Trina Agee Cornell)

Another terrific post from Trina Cornell! Prayers for me in Vietnam, please!
One of the most important lessons that I strive to teach my students falls in the realm of the learning process.  In anything you learn, you will make mistakes - you will not understand everything the first time, and that is alright.  I encourage them to embrace their mistakes, learn from them, and be better because of them.  I also explain their reaction to mistakes and failures is everything - the choices are clear: positive change or negative self doubt.  It is up to them to decide.
One Wednesday this past August, I have to listen to my own words and learn my own lesson.  It started off as a fairly good day, but a series of occurrences threatened to change this.  As I left my classroom that morning, I dropped my plastic water bottle, which proceeded to break and splatter all over the floor.  Thank goodness for great custodians!  Then lunch rolled around - I am doing pretty well at this point...until I realize I epically failed.  I was supposed to be present at a gathering for lunch, and I was responsible for plates.  Epic fail!  I pride myself on being responsible and on top of things - this time, I was not.  Many apologies later, I am thankful for gracious co-workers that are kind to forgive.  
We all make mistakes - it is a given that we will mess up.  Life happens, and sometimes,, the situation is out of our control.  We are human - we are fallible - it happens.  The biggest takeaway from making mistakes resides in owning them and learning from them.  Thank you, Lord, for Your precious forgiving heart - You are there to pick us up when we fall, get us back on our feet, and help us move forward.

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