Friday, July 22, 2016

How’s That Working for You? (Trina Cornell)

Another wonderful entry by my dear friend, Trina Agee Cornell! Prayers for me in Vietnam, please!

Ok, I admit it - one of my very favorite shows to watch is Dr. Phil.  I do not know what it is, but I do enjoy his commentary. My husband loves to kid me about this - Dr. Phil has a way of telling it like it is with a passion that I find brave.  During the school year, I look forward to going home, turning on my DVR, and watching his newest episode - I never do know what to expect!
I came across a quote of his today that resonated with me - "It's time to start challenging the beliefs that have robbed you of the life you deserve."  We all grow up with a concept of ourselves that is based in our life experiences.  Everyone comes from different backgrounds from a number of individual life paths.  Our uniqueness stems from this - our paths shape and mold us into who we are as people.  
We sometimes get a bit too comfortable in our day-to-day lives - we get used to the way things are and do not like straying from it.  We also settle at times for the way things are, not thinking about what we could change or challenge.  In Romans 12, the Lord calls us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, not conformed to the ways of this world - or our personal beliefs about ourselves.  He calls us to allow Him to transform us, realizing we are new creations in Him and holding us to His standards - His Word.
For the longest time, I believed that there were certain things I had to accept about myself.  I have had allergies my entire life, and I thought I would have to deal with them for the rest of my life.  Since childhood, I have known that my weight would be a constant battle - a facet of my health for which I would have to work hard.  I believed that these two areas of my life would continue to be a struggle for me, so I settled for a very long time.  
Today, I am not settling anymore.  My allergies are slowly becoming a non-issue for me, and my weight loss journey is back on track - thanks to some positive changes I have made in my life.  Thank you, Lord – and thank you, Dr. Phil – for challenging me beyond my wildest dreams!

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