Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Kindness Of Klyde

Finals start Monday at WCS so much of this week is set aside for reviews. My five classes take two full days- we are still working on our Honduras/Haiti collection concurrently. I save all the tests for the semester and gave them back yesterday. We spent one period identifying the questions they would be liable for and then today, we did corrections. There is a lot of material involved; both my 8th graders and juniors had twelve tests since Christmas and although I delete about 25%, the kids have some studying ahead of them. My rule of thumb is that they approximate their nine weeks grades on the final exam. If the questions seem unfamiliar to them, I haven't done my job or they haven't paid attention. My hope is that the second option would be the accurate one.

I have two sections of eighth grade Bible, second period and eighth, the last period of the day. Klyde is in my eighth period class. He is a terrific student. How good? I can't remember his missing any questions on any of the typical tests. (One exam was discussion only.) As we started today with correcting mistakes, Klyde asked me if he could get his laptop out and make sample questions for himself as he had nothing to fix. Of course! But then I remembered Ivana was at the doctor dealing with a basketball injury and I asked Klyde if he would do her corrections.
"Yes, Coach."

And he did. Then I recalled that Connor and Tim were out of the room making up tests so I asked Klyde if he could do theirs as well.
"Yes, Coach."

And he did. What I liked about Klyde's response was his willingness to help his classmates. Some would have balked and some would have done it only grudgingly. Klyde made it seem like I was doing him a favor to give him the chance to help Ivana and Tim and Connor. In Galatians 6:2, Paul writes that we should, 
Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
Paul penned that phrase immediately after advice on catching a brother/sister sinning- I'm not equating missing a test question with straying from the paths of righteousness! But to me, Klyde fulfilled Paul's admonition perfectly, with a cheerful heart. We sometimes overlook the significance of small acts but we shouldn't. Those quiet deeds add up to a noble character and a better grade on the ultimate final exam. Some day, we will all face that final exam on our own. It's not on the calendar but it is inevitable. Be ready and better yet, help someone else be ready, too.

Applicable quote of the day:

“There is no wrong way to perform an act of kindness.”
Catherine Ryan Hyde

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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