Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Difference Between Mom And Dad

Mother's Day 2016! My own beloved mother passed away in 2009 but it had been a number of years before that when she last knew the meaning of the holiday. Of course, I posted the picture at the top here on Facebook and am currently at well over 125 LIKES, a number of LOVES, and a lot of comments! (The shot is of my parents, Dave, and me at our Hawley grandparents in Michigan when I am, I would guess, about five. You might notice Dave and I are holding our Detroit hats, courtesy of Grandpa Hawley, a big Tigers fan!) When I was on Facebook today, I liked just about every post with someone's mom that I saw and left a good number of comments, usually love your mom! or loved your mom! when I was close to or related to the family involved. One of the times we collectively hurt Mom's feelings was on Mother's Day and I am still trying to atone, one Facebook click at a time!

Not unexpectedly, the sermons in both our English and Chinese worship services this morning centered around the mother's role in the life of the believer. Both Davids, Yasko and Fang, did terrific jobs! In my comments to the Chinese group for communion, I mentioned my memory of Mom making the communion bread for our congregation when I was little. When I spoke before the offering, I related how Mom and Dad would have us skip meals and give the money saved to missionaries. (Not a fan then but I am now!) It's amazing how our parents impacted us without realizing they were leaving an imprint. But as we all know moms and dads are different in countless ways. My folks disciplined differently, they counseled differently, they comforted differently, and especially, they woke us up differently! Genesis 1:27 tells us that both male and female were made in the image of God but we know that were variations in the genders, starting with chromosomes. I showed these two clips in class. Both last less than a minute but they clearly illustrate, at least in these two families, the difference between mothers and fathers. I'm sure it also perpetuates stereotypes of protective dads and nurturing moms, especially when it comes to the future romantic interests of their opposite gendered child. Anyway, thanks to all the moms. You know the best thing about Mother's Day on Facebook? NO POLITICS! It takes moms to clean that junk up!

To have this all make sense, you need to watch these two short clips. Click or copy and paste. You will laugh as much as my students!

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