Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Naomi's Loss

Tyra, one of our senior basketball standouts, came into SACT this morning and told me there were some friends upstairs who needed to see me. (SACT is our M-W-F meeting/tutoring/break time.) When I arrived at my classroom, Gina Brancato was there with Naomi, Richard, and Taylor. The three little ones had their Haiti/Honduras change bottles for me and were eager to dump them into the yellow bank, which comes disguised as an athletic department laundry cart. Gina, a lower school aide/basketball coach/WCS alum/newlywed, told me Naomi had a story for me! And she did! This is what she told me! 
"I lost a tooth and the tooth fairy gave me $5 and I put it in my Honduras bottle!"
There it was! I was excited because Naomi, one of the sweetest first graders ever, was excited. You know, I'm not sure how much of the tooth fairy scenario she buys into but I know she buys into helping children she will never meet. Many of the children impacted by Mission Lazarus and Hope For Haiti's Children, the two wonderful groups we raise funds for, have severe dental issues. Naomi's natural progression of losing teeth will bless those who might lose theirs due to decay or neglect or malnutrition. I found five dollars in the parking lot last week and when no one claimed it, I put it in our collection. Whoever made that five dollar donation did it accidentally and certainly not willingly. Not Naomi! Hers was a deliberate act of first grade faith. I found that little picture posted at the top of this page. Notice the line where the tooth fairy (should that be capitalized?) confides that little gift can be spent on something special just for you. Naomi obviously has a higher standard than the tooth fairy; children with far less than her family is able to provide her.  Naomi's loss is their gain. There is something very Biblical in that.

Applicable quote of the day:
As much as I'd like to meet the tooth fairy on an evening walk, I don't really believe it can happen.
Chris Van Allsburg

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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