Thursday, December 17, 2015

Stand And Deliver

We live in a world which I believe is growing ruder by the day and yet I find people still admire gestures of kindness. This is from September 15, 2011.

In my classes, I have the students sign what I call the Ten Commandments at the beginning of the school year. Most of these have to do with procedures that many teachers use but there are several which are not rules in most classrooms. One is that we stand when we read the Bible out loud. Why? Because when Jesus went to his hometown synagogue in Nazareth and He read from the Scriptures from Isaiah, He stood. I would say that's a pretty good example! The other is that when a lady of any age enters the room, all the gentlemen, including me, stand. Once, that was a matter of politeness and respect which was commonplace but now it's rare. If the young lady is older than the boys in the class, I always try to reinforce the point. Today, our volleyball coach, the lovely Blair Moon, came into my room and all the boys rose to their feet. It was a senior class that Kenneth Okwuonu was teaching but all but two of the males had me in class at one time. I asked Blair a question: Do you like it when men are respectful towards you? Her answer- ABSOLUTELY! I then asked Blair that if a gentleman showed her this kind of respect, would there be a greater chance of winning her affection? Again, Blair answered unhesitatingly- ABSOLUTELY! I try to make the distinction in these circumstances that ladies appreciate chivalry and that is good for young men who like the young ladies. In an impolite society, we are trying to make headway in our corner of Houston.

In several of my classes today, I spoke of a young man who was enrolled in my seventh period Gospels class last year. He always answered my questions with Yes, sir or No, sir which I really like. But as the year went on, I noticed something else. He would never enter my classroom at the start of the period until every young lady had made her way inside. And when the bell rang signaling the end of the class, he would not leave the room until every girl had exited, even to his own detriment of possibly receiving a tardy for his next period. He did not make a big deal of it but I did today. When I mentioned his name, the females brought up how he holds doors open for girls and  is known for other similar gestures.  Especially with the younger students, I made the point that these girls are not helpless but they notice kind behavior. I did not teach this young man these things but someone obviously did. And if we think no one notices how we interact with others, we are mistaken. Some sermons are subtle and unspoken. It does nothing to lessen their power.

Applicable quote of the day:
I heard that chivalry was dead, but I think it's just got a bad flu."

Meg Ryan

God bless,

Luke 18:1
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stephanies said...

Coach Hawley I miss having your class! I always loved how you taught the boys how to be respectful. They will be thankful for it later in life! Have a great and Blessed day!

Dee said...

What a blessing these young men will be someday to their wives, their children, their church family!

Clara Akwarandu said...

I agree with Dee, thank God for their lives. Keepin' chivalry alive!

Deb Pemberton said...

My oldest son is dating a very nice, christian girl. He always opens the car door for her and walks her to the door. I've heard him talk about chivalry and how he wants to do this for women. I'm so proud of him. A side note -- when a boy would ask out a girl back in the 70's & 80's, all he did was call her on the phone. Now the girls expect the boys to be creative in asking them to Homecoming, Prom, etc. My the times have changed!

Brenda Thaxton said...

During my recent trip to Antartica, the cruise director (British, 40+, married) automatically stood anytime a lady at his table got up. And, of course, he was the last to sit and held the chair for any woman sitting close. I was most impressed and it brought back lovely memories. Thank you for teaching should not be a memory. Good manners are always in style. Ladies need to be taught how to accept these gracefully.