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The Good Father 2015

In all of my five Bible classes, we discuss my belief that God chose Joseph as carefully as Mary to be the earthly father of Jesus. Some kids think that Jesus would have been  Jesus no matter what but the angel told her that she was highly favored and not some random Jewish teenage girl. This week, as we learn The Lord's Prayer, we note it starts with Our Father. On Friday, my high school students wrote an in-class paper describing what they believe makes a good father. Here are some of their thoughts, boys in blue and girls in pink. We will do this for several consecutive days. All are used with permission.

A good father is always a reliable and loyal man for his family. Sometimes, he may be strict with his children's behavior and he will sometimes share his interests with his children. He always has something to teach them and he never loses his patience. He might not be good at expressing his emotions but the love for his children in his heart is deeper than anything. He is always a good example for his children and does not feel embarrassed to share his faults with them so they will not make the same mistakes he did. -Leo W.

A good father is a man who will always protect his wife and kids. He can cook delicious food. He knows everything. He can teach his kids about math and their other subjects. He is strong enough to handle every heavy job. He also lets his children sit on his shoulders! He always helps his wife with the housework. He protects his wife and he plays with his children. -Krystal

Fathers should be the rock of their family. They should be able to provide and show love to the ones around him. He should love his wife, show his daughter how a man should treat a woman, and give good advice to his son. A good father should always be a role model to his son. I look up to my dad. To me, my dad is the perfect example of how a man should be. He has integrity, he is loyal, and he is a kind and loving person. At times, I might not realize it, but everything he does for me is to show me how to become a man. The responsibilities he gives to me are to prepare me for the future. One day, I hope to become as great a father as my dad. -Chandler

There are good fathers everywhere but what makes a great father? A great father is a man who will love and appreciate his wife and kids more than anything. He will always be there through tough times. He will play and be silly with the kids. He would be strong but at the same time caring and loving. He would come home from work happy even if he is tired and frustrated. He will be open and talk about things that are bothering him. He will teach his son how to treat a woman like a queen. -Elly

A good father is a man who does his job and takes care of his family. A good father is a man who goes to all the kids' games no matter what. A good father is a man who will etach his son how to survive in life. He will teach him not to make the same mistakes he made and how to be a better man. A good father has to respect his wife and always be there for her. A good father will come see his children even if the parents are not together. A good father will find and keep a job to financially support his family. A good father will take time off to do family events and go places together. -Tre F.

A good father is a man who will put his family above all, no matter what the situation. A good father is one who trusts his kids to make the right decisions and will teach them along the way to do this. A good father is a man who is faithful to his wife and shows care and respect for her. A good father sets a good example for his kids to follow. He is protective and loving and able to connect with his children in a caring way. He should never display wrath against his wife or children as that would cause complications in the family dynamic. His kids would start to fear him and that is a feeling a child should never feel towards their parents. A good father will not mistake fear with respect. A good father is a man who is always there for his children and can advise them about everything! -Natalia

A good father puts his hand on the blade for his family. He plants the seed of the Word of God in the hearts of his children. He must understand how important every action that he takes is for the kids to see. He never looks at other women or talks about other women with his kids when their mom is not there. He is the head of the house in spirit and in faith. He will respect and treat his lady as a gentleman should  because if the young ones learn this, they too will be complete spouses. He will never lie to his family and always protect them. He must be a superhero. -Jose

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Luke 18:1
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