Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Identification

I sat behind Kenneth and Lynette tonight at worship service as I often do. After fifteen minutes of singing, our children are released to Bible classes in our courtyard. Their son, Kaeden, jumped up to go and as he left in typical warp speed fashion, I called out his name. His dad told him to respond and Kaeden, referring to me, said to Kenneth, "That's the guy from basketball camp!"
Kaeden, who had just turned four right before camp in June, was an enthusiastic camper in our morning sessions. I even wrote a blog about Kaeden asking his mom why I wore a red shirt while the campers wore the same style top but in white. What I find fascinating is that camp is just a very small part of the interaction that I have with this very young man. I would guess I have sat directly behind Kaeden on about 75% of the Sunday mornings since he has been alive. I also see him everyday in the halls at WCS where he is in his second year as a kindergarten student and we often interact there. But when it comes to telling his dad about me, all that comes to mind is that I was a coach at basketball camp.

Unless we deliberately lead the life of a hermit, we're known for something. (In the interest of full disclosure, Isabel, another small WCS child, still delights in telling anyone who will listen that I am J.J. Watt- who knows when that reality will set in.) In American history, Abraham Lincoln is known for being honest, Rosa Parks is remembered for bravery, Will Rogers is noted for his wit, and Benedict Arnold is reviled for treachery. In the word of God, Andrew always brought people to Jesus, Thomas doubted, Peter spoke out of turn, and the noble Bereans checked up on the preacher. But Jesus taught us the best identifying mark in John 13:35 when He spoke these words:
''By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.''
What an ID! Kaeden knows me as the guy from camp. Others might note I teach Bible at WCS or I'm the son of Roger and Nelda or I could probably win The Voice if I auditioned. (Just kidding about the last one!) But Jesus hammered home that affiliation with Him was not based on fasting and praying, although those are vital and necessary means of worship. No, it's if I love others. That's sometimes more of a challenge than fasting and praying. And certainly more significant than basketball. Well, not to Kaeden yet but one day, he'll understand.

Applicable quote of the day:
"If I had a street named after me, I'd carry that around instead of a driver's license for ID. You are what's named after you."
Jarrod Kintz (This Book Has No Title)

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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