Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Amy Oliver

We had a PTO meeting at school tonight at 6:30 so I had to make a return trip to campus. Actually, I got back early and spent some time in my classroom recording grades, a never ending endeavor. On my way down to the meeting which was held in the cafeteria, I spotted Amy in the lower school office, occupying the chair her mom usually occupies, laboring over some homework. Like many faculty kids, Amy often has to stay at school long after the other students leave. Amy's mom, Debbie, is in charge of that office and as a result, is here until long past dark on numerous occasions. Amy is a freshman now and I don't see her as much after her amazing year in eighth grade Bible. I walked in and told her I missed her. She returned the greeting in a Cockney accent. I inquired if she was practicing for her role in the upcoming WCS fall musical, Oliver!, and she was! I asked her what character she would be portraying and it's the lead! I'm not surprised- she is extremely talented and can pull off the role of Oliver Twist. I teased her that her accent sounded more like Liverpool than Cockney but she wasn't swayed. She told me the Cockney rules of pronunciation, never breaking character. After the short Parent-Teacher meeting, I dropped by again and we continued our conversation, still in Oliver mode. Amy told me she uses that voice all day except in Spanish class. Of course, everybody knows you can't speak Spanish with a Cockney accent!

I am not unbiased here. Amy is one of my favorites. In fact, last year, I wrote a blog about her and another Amy who sat side-by-side in my fifth period class and the wonderful abilities given to them from above. This Amy was delighted tonight when I asked if she minded if I write another entry about her. So here goes. She has decided that to play Oliver, she must be him all day, every day. I'm sure she gets some funny looks and maybe even some eye rolls but I'm pretty sure she doesn't care. You can't be Oliver simply three times during two hour performances later this autumn and pull it off. Well, you might fool some folks but not the ones who matter. But don't we risk doing that with Jesus? Maybe we act Christ-like a couple of times a week but fall back into the character of me the other one hundred sixty-four hours from Sunday through Saturday. What does Paul in Galatians 3:27 tell us about our commitment to the Lord?

For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. 
Amy, in accepting the role, has put on Oliver. She has immersed herself in being Oliver. She wants to walk like him and talk like him with his mannerisms. She wants us to see Oliver when we look at Amy. Isn't that what Jesus wants, for others to see Him when they look at us? I know Amy will be amazing as well as her cast mates and Director Patricia Duran. But here's what's even better about the Christian life- we don't have to audition and fear not making the cut! There is a role for each of us in the pageant that is the kingdom of heaven which has a run of from here through eternity. And, we have the perfect role model to follow on that road. And the promise that our names are written in heaven. That's the best marquee in history!

Applicable quote of the day:
'"Please, Sir, I want some more."'
Oliver Twist

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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