Saturday, August 01, 2015

Scars! (Joe Goodspeed)

I am back in Houston! My last guest blog is once again by my good friend, Joe Goodspeed. Thanks for prayers while I was in Vietnam!
I have a scar in my temple from a first grade experience,carelessly walking in the path of a swing on the playgrounds (but I still remember how kind and sweet the teachers were in patching me up.) There's another scar in my right palm near my thumb. My brother was chasing me as we played behind a hamburger "joint," and in falling, I put out my hands for support, only a broken bottle was in my way. 
My older brother has a small scar on his forehead, from a car wreck he was in at 6 months. Paul closes the book of Galatians talking about the marks on his body, presumably from shipwrecks, floggings, stonings, and other things suffered for the Cause of Christ.
But the worst scars are those from wounded hearts and cheap shots slashed into us by careless and unfair and perhaps well-intending friends.
C.S. Lewis insists that with the grace and love of Jesus Christ, we can go on, even after unfair wounds, and live a life free from bitterness and , regret. Lord, as we realize the brevity of life, let us forget the things behind and press joyfully on toward the things that are ahead..

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Lue 18:1
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