Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mom (Dave Hawley)

Tonight's entry is by my brother, Dave, speaking about his mother who, of 
course,  was my mom, too!

My mom died about six years ago, and I miss her, but in truth, she had not been 'Mom' for several years, due to her onslaught of Alzheimer's . She maintained her sweet nature until the end, but to remember REAL Mom, I have to go back before her affliction came upon her. 

Mom was a happy person but I think her happiest moments might have been at church. She was a quiet spiritual giant, and she filled many roles at the various congregations where she and Dad worshipped over the years. But my favorite Mom moments in church came when she sang, because many times, she sang  with her eyes closed. I'm positive it was because it made her draw closer 
mentally to God through the words. It's my most enduring memory of Mom.

I bring it up because recently, twice in a week, I saw two of my favorite sisters 
in Christ singing fervently with their eyes shut and it reminded me of how Mom would sing. It was especially poignant to me that one of the women was my 
daughter in law Haley, who I just happened to glance at, when we were 
worshipping in Overland Park.In the weird way my mind works, that was 
appropriate , because Mom's last two public events involved Haley ... at her 
wedding and at Harper's funeral. By no means was Haley channeling her inner 'Mom' when she was singing, but it was cool to me: the example set by a disciple who was connecting to God in a quiet, serene manner. We get great examples 
from each other about how we connect with our Father. Thanks, Mom and 

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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