Sunday, April 26, 2015

Passing By Jordyn

(Not Jordyn's house or driveway or baketball goal!)

Jordyn is one of my favorite kids to ever coach and there have been plenty to choose from. She's a delightful seventh grader who works hard- she was our most improved player as a sixth grader and played considerably more this season. She is diligent in academics and her mother, Jennifer, was an AWESOME TEAM MOM this season! When she was in first grade, Jordyn was the flower girl in a wedding I preached and I think we started bonding then. There is one more thing- Jordyn practically lives next door to me. She lives one street over from my apartment complex- in fact, her grandparents also live where I do. I would guess I drive by her house fifteen times per week. There is a driveway adjacent to her home and guess what is next to the garage- a basketball goal! I have even seen an outdoor ball in that driveway on occasion. But, do you know what I have never seen? I have never seen Jordyn shooting that ball at that basket in that driveway in that house on that street one block over from my apartment. The ball is evidence that she is honing her game but it has never happened when I am in the neighborhood. I have even seen Jordyn in our apartment pool with her grandma and grandpa but it's been a no go on the hoop stuff.

Recently, I told Jordyn that if I ever drive by and see her shooting, I will pull into the drive and give her $5 on the spot. On Friday, she asked me when I am likely to drive by. Truthfully, I responded that I have no idea. Sometimes it's before 6 AM and sometimes after dark. Tonight after worship, I passed by and no Jordyn. In her defense, though, there had been a rain shower in the previous thirty minutes so that's a good excuse. It's a silly thing but if Jordyn goes out to shoot with the hope that I might drive by, I'm a better coach, she's a better shooter, and she's five dollars closer to a nice Mother's Day Gift. WIN-WIN-WIN!

You know, I can relate to Jordyn asking me about times and dates when I might be in the very near vicinity of her personal arena. I wish I knew how my trip to Vietnam would go this summer. I wish I knew when I was going to get married or the date I would die. And I really wish I knew when the Lord would return. But if I could foresee the future, it wouldn't be in my best interest, as the Lord who knows all knows. I might pace myself and put things off which need doing because, you know, there's still time! So this is the lesson: Live in the present, live for today, and most of all, live in the Lord each and every day. And if you happen to be a seventh grade girl, work on your jump shot!

Applicable quote of the day:

"We have a great bunch of outside shooters. Unfortunately, all our games are played indoors." 
Coach Weldon Drew

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Luke 18:1
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