Saturday, March 16, 2019

Why I'll Go To Jared

You like a good love story? Here you go, from March 23, 2015!

If you are a regular reader, you might have noticed a number of consecutive posts about weddings. That is, of course, due to my performing the nuptials of Gina and Keith two days ago. (The ecstatic couple safely made it to Tokyo for their honeymoon!) One thing about being in a wedding and the preceding rehearsal is that you hear all sorts of stories. Some are nostalgic, most are filled with laughter, and some make you think. Listen to this one that came up last week.

No wedding is totally free of drama or miscues. This affair was low maintenance but a little rain must fall on every event and it really poured cats and dogs on what was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony. But that wasn't the only water related mishap. You see, several days before the wedding, the diamond in Gina's engagement ring popped out of the setting and into the dishwasher! Fortunately, they were able to save the gem before it made its way into the public waste system. However, with the wedding only a few days away, it added one more task, a significant and vital one, to the to-do list. They took the ring/diamond back to the seller of origin, a highly reputable jewelry store. The jewelers were more than happy to re-set the stone and live up to the conditions of the warranty. There was a problem, though. They had no one on staff who could do that particular restoration and it would require being sent out of the store. With a wedding looming, that was not a viable option. I'm not sure how Keith and Gina conceived the next step but they ended up at a Houston location of Jared, The Galleria Of Jewelry. Jared honored the warranty of the other jewelers and saved the day with their on-sight craftsman/craftswoman. The diamond was re-set, the couple exhaled, the wedding went on, and a crisis was averted.

You know, I have never shopped for a diamond ring although I hope to some day. But when the day comes, there is no doubt which jeweler will be first on my list. Proverbs 22:1 teaches that,
'A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold.'  
Reputation, even in our social media crazed universe, is everything.  Word of mouth from friends carries weight that slick, focus group driven advertising can never duplicate, especially in an age of increasingly shoddy customer service. By seeing how they treated a young couple in desperate straits who were not even their own customers, I am assured they would do the same for me. That's why I hope some day, someone will say of me, 'He went to Jared!'   

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