Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Good Samaritan, Circa 2015 ACT II

As I mentioned two nights ago, each year all my students rewrite the Parable of the Good Samaritan. This entry was penned by four of my juniors.

Kelsey Wallace:
At Starbucks this morning, a lady went on an office coffee run and forgot her wallet at work, leaving her $5 short. A CEO for a corporation, sure to have well over $5 to loan, ignored the situation and ordered his own drink. Her next door neighbor saw her standing at the line dumbfounded and being fully aware of her plight, still did not offer her a penny.
As the lady grew more and more worried, a seven year old little boy stepped up and asked what was wrong. Not wanting to disturb him, she said “Nothing, I’m just a few bucks short on my order; don't worry.” The boy reached in his pocket and pulled out a few bucks and a pile of change. Everyone stood amazed and kind of embarrassed that the most generous one in the room was a little boy.

Markus Henderson:
It was the middle of the football season and Jimmy’s team was undefeated. There was a new transfer student that joined the team and he needed to learn the plays. He asked Jimmy to help him but Jimmy said, “Learn them on your own.” Jimmy was a starter and captain of the team. Next, he went to Coach Krimm and Coach told him, “Dude, I don't have time for that.” Then Chris, a 3rd stringer, saw what had happened and immediately volunteered to help because he knew the playbook better than anyone else.

Tiata Collier:
One day, a girl was texting on her phone and didn’t notice that there was a stairwell in front of her. She fell down the stairs and broke her phone and broke her thumb. A girl from her church saw her. She told the girl that she was late for basketball practice and she left in a hurry. Next, the school’s vice principal walks by and laughed. The vice principal said, “You're so foolish! Why would you text and walk down the stairs at the same time?” and laughed and walked away. Finally, the antisocial and the most awkward boy passed by and asked if she was ok. He picked her up and took her to the nurse. Then he called 911 and the girl was taken to the hospital.

Jasmine Ward:
There once was a dancer who ran around her neighborhood everyday. One day while she was running, she tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and sprained her ankle. Two men walked by and looked at her- they stole her wallet! A girl who went to her school who was her so-called best friend looked the other way and continued to walk. Finally, another one of her dance team members, who was shy and not that great of a dancer, helped her up and carried her to her house nearby. They later became friends and the hurt girl helped her become a better dancer.

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