Sunday, January 11, 2015

Speaking Of Bo......

As you probably know if you are a regular reader, I grew up in Nebraska and as such, was a fan of the Cornhuskers football team, as were all the kids I knew. It was the only game in the state and the fans from Scottsbluff to Waverly  were rabid but always considered classy. If you follow college football, you are assuredly aware that Huskers' coach Bo Pelini was fired the day after Nebraska's final game, a victory over the bordering Iowa Hawkeyes. Several weeks later, an audio tape emerged of his final meeting with his players. It was filled with profanities and railed against a number of what he considered issues, primarily the Nebraska Athletic Director at whom he cast a number of vulgarities. His firing had been somewhat controversial in the state as he had his ardent supporters- Bo-lievers, they were called- as well as his detractors. HIs record had not matched the glory days of either Bob Devaney or Tom Osborne who both won national championships at Nebraska but times have changed in college football, making a dynasty in a cold small midwestern state extremely difficult to pull off. Pelini was also considered a coach who did not put up with bad behavior from his players and stressed academics. But the leaked tape lost him a high percentage of his defenders, at least as far as I can tell from my laptop in Texas. Fortunately, he had already signed a contract to be the new coach at Youngstown State so this forgettable chapter in his life did not impede his employment opportunity. Do you know what the most amazing thing to me is? A similar incident, much shorter in nature, happened several years ago when he was recorded denigrating the Nebraska fans, again, using extreme profanities. The fans forgave him the first time. Not so much the second.

I've mentioned our studying the Sermon on the Mount in my Gospels class. In Matthew 5:37, Jesus said, 
'Let your ‘Yes’ be 'Yes' and your ‘No’, 'No"; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.' 
The Savior was speaking of oaths but that principle is so wise. Most of my kids admit that most of their problems are self inflicted, emanating much more from what they say than what they do. Most of us talk too much; at inopportune times, with poor choice of words, without clarity of thought, often about people we love....and you cannot take it back. I reference students they all know who everybody loves because they talk little and give no one a reason to hate them. And as much as this government surveillance stuff is being talked about, it might be good for all of us to remember that we are all constantly on camera and on audio, even when we think we are off the record. I was reminded on Thursday the value of recalling the import of what I say. We played another school at a nearby gym which has almost zero seating capacity, just one small set of bleachers for each team. This means your players' parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/siblings are basically in my lap and can hear every word I say, especially in time outs. I'm always careful when I coach but usually we are seventy-eighty feet from the fans. On Thursday, I measured every word before they escaped my lips as I should do every game and practice. I wish Bo could have had that advantage; he'd have less explaining to do the next time he interviews for a job.

Applicable quote of the day:
"Sometimes I like Bo Pelini and appreciate his candor. Other times, I just think he’s a jerk. Right now, it’s the latter."
tigersfandan from the NBC Sports comment section

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