Friday, April 11, 2014

The Good Dad

In all of my Bible  classes, we discuss my belief that God chose Joseph as carefully as Mary to be the earthly father of Jesus. Some kids think that Jesus would have been  Jesus no matter what but the angel told her that she was highly favored and not some random Jewish teenage girl. This week, we began looking at the Parable of the Prodigal Son where the father is clearly protrayed as God. As part of the assignment, the students wrote an in-class paper describing what they believe makes a good father. Here are some of their thoughts, boys in blue and girls in purple. We will do this for several days and all are used by permission. Tonight's entries are all from eighth graders.

I think a good father is supportive, loving, but strict when the time comes. A good father does not always have to be a good man, and a good man does not have to be a good father. A good father would stick up for his son if he wasn't getting enough playing time. A good father, who has a bad habit of cursing, hears that his son has cursed at school would sternly rectify his mistake. The son may call him a hypocrite, but the Dad knows what he is doing and just wants his son to be a better man than him. A good father always makes his son better than him.

A good father is a man who is protective and loving. He would be caring and not overreact. A good father does not hover and is not overbearing. He would be loving towards the family and openly show it. A good father would always have time or make time for his children, and he would be funny and play around with his kids. A good father loves his children and would do anything for his children.

A good father is a man who respects his parents, his wife, and his children. He strives to be physically, academically, and emotionally there for his children. He hopes for the best for them and kindly sticks up for them. A good father realizes your highest potential, and pushes you as far as he believes you can. A good father gives the uttermost respect for the mother and stays by her always. A good father finds a common ground between him and each child and forges a better relationship than before. He keeps his children socially active, as good friends mold the way. A good dad raises a child up in the Lord, in the way he or she should go, so when he or she grows up, they won’t depart from it.

I think a good father would first be a good man with a good heart and have a love for God. They have to be honest because if husbands and wives are supposed to be one, then how can they be one with somebody who doesn't tell the truth? They also have to listen very well because I kind of talk a lot. Also, they cannot be stubborn. A good father would control his emotions and not let his prior part of the day dictate the rest of the day. A good father would follow the Bible and is a great example for his kids.

A good father treats all of his kids equally. He does not favor one over the rest. He treats al of them with respect. A good father loves all of his children and would lay down his life for them. A good father would search for his child whether they were lost physically or spiritually. He keeps his kids in line and does not let them do crazy things and would never give them anything that could hurt them. A good father only does things for his children that will help them later in life. Finally, a good father mans up to his mistakes and fixes them. These characteristics make a great father.

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