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The Good Dad, Chapter 2

In all of my Bible  classes, we discuss my belief that God chose Joseph as carefully as Mary to be the earthly father of Jesus. Some kids think that Jesus would have been  Jesus no matter what but the angel told Mary that she was highly favored and not some random Jewish teenage girl. This week, we began looking at the Parable of the Prodigal Son where the father is clearly portrayed as God. As part of the assignment, the students wrote an in-class paper describing what they believe makes a good father. Here are some of their thoughts, boys in blue and girls in purple. We will do this for several days and all are used by permission. Tonight's entries are from eighth graders and one freshman. Since tonight is the sixth anniversary of my father's passing, I'm using his pictures. You know what is amazing? Mom is in every picture- I cannot separate them. She is also wearing pearls in all of them and we were far from wealthy! PS- I'm the squirt and Dave is the big kid!

A good father to me, is someone who takes care of his family. A good father is someone who comes home every night and kisses his kids. A good father puts his kids first and not anything else except Jesus. A good father would try to come to every game, event, or dance to support his kids. A good father will not make his children feel worthless, but make them feel like they are kings and queens of the world. A good father will assure his children that everything is okay! A good father will love the mother until death does them part.

A good dad can discipline but understands his children. He doesn't let his children become followers of the bad ways of the world. He teaches his children to value what they have and to humble themselves. A good dad sets it straight with his kids that good grades are expected. But a good dad is also fun and loving so that his children can hang out with him like he is a friend with respect. A good dad involves his children in sports at a young age so they could like doing activities with others. A good dad doesn't take his child’s side when the child is wrong. He teaches his child to show respect.

I believe a good father is one who loves all his children, even if they mess up. A good father is one who says he will always love you, even if you break his heart. A good father is one who comes to all of his child’s performances, and is always there for them. A good father is one who is sorry if he messes up and then hugs it out. I would want my husband to be kind and caring. I don’t want my children to have a father who doesn't care about them. My husband will punish, but will love his kids and wife no matter what happens. As long as we are together, my husband will love us all.
A good father lets his son go down his own path, but straightens the road for him. He picks them out of the dirt when he makes a mistake. He keeps you on a leash and extends the leash to let you go farther. When you make a mistake, he stops extending the leash and scolds you. Then little by little, he extends it again.

A good father should be kind to his children and take good care of them. He should be patient and help them gain confidence. A good father helps his children through hard times. He should exercise with the kids while Mom is cooking. Moms and Dads play different roles in our lives. Moms are helpers and cooks and comforters who take care of the child's health and feelings. Dad is more of a protector and sponsor who worries when you are sad. Dads will also try to buy things to make their children happy. Dads cannot be perfect but they really love their kids, even though they might be angry with them.


The good father is one who loves his children and he has the ability to forgive. He is a man who protects his kids but he also gives them the right to make their own choices and make their own mistakes. He will be there for his kids' games and at other really important events in their lives. He will be there to protect them from harm and give them confidence to do things they are scared of. He will love his wife as well as his children. A good father will be at his kids' weddings. He will show them how to treat people and ladies if the child is a boy. A good father is a really good example and he will also be good to his own mom. -S

A good father is one who spends time with his kids. A better father is one who shows his kids the right path which is God's path. Fathers should be there for their children from the beginning until the end. A father is a crucial person in everyone's life. Without the presence of a father, a family is not the same. God is the father of the world. God is always there for us no matter how much we sin. We can be on the wrong path but He provides many helpful tools in the world, like the Bible and the church to bring us back to His path. He will always love us like every earthly father should love his kids and show them the right path. Even if the father is not successful, he should stay with his family so he can teach them things that will make them successful in their own lives.

Applicable quote of the day:

When my father didn't have my hand....he had my back.
Linda Poindexter 

God bless,
Steve (son of Roger)
Luke 18:1

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Ashley Shell said...

What a great read! :) I agree with these thoughts from others on what makes a good father :) I am thankful to have a good earthly father, but an even better Heavenly father!