Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Ten Spot

Right before we stacked it up at the beginning of first period basketball practice this morning, Natalia asked if she could use her phone when we were done. I asked her why and she said she would rather not tell me. As it's my job, I asked why and she told me it had to do with her $10 dollars and she wanted it to be her surprise. That made perfect sense to me and after we finished, I saw her talking to an unseen someone and I made sure I did not eavesdrop.  The $10 had to do with the Talents Project my 8th graders are working on in their Bible class. Each student is given ten dollars to spend doing good. They have to turn in a typed report on why and how they chose their method of spending, how it made a difference, and how they themselves were changed by the experience. The only restrictions are they cannot put the money in their Honduras/Haiti bottle or in the collection at their place of worship. It's a test grade. Some of the kids do brilliant work, most do very good work, and always a few are unimaginative and waste the chance to learn some valuable lessons. That seems to be about what Jesus was saying in His parable.

Natalia came to see me after school this afternoon. She wanted to tell me the purpose of the phone call and how it turned out. She wanted to volunteer at one of the many local hospitals and use her money to buy things for the patients she would be ministering to. One problem, or actually two. Her call this morning led to the discovery that there is quite a bit of paper work due to be able to volunteer and............. there is a four month wait, a huge obstacle when the deadline is thirteen days off. We spoke of other options and she'll end up with a good use for her bill- she's creative and very bright and she wants it to be special. Changes of plans often end up with superior results! But Natalia found out a truth about charity today which I've learned from my mission trips; kindness can be complicated.

I showed my classes the clip below today and I hope you'll take two minutes to watch it. Although the title has the word prank in it, the kindness and gentleness the young man shows to the less fortunate, who are genuinely grateful, is eloquent. The best line, spoken by the third man on the street, is this:
"I used to eat like this."
I pray to God none of these students ever have to utter those words of despair.

Please copy and paste this link to see the short clip I mentioned!

Applicable quote of the day:
“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
Anne Frank  Diary of Anne Frank 

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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