Monday, October 07, 2013

Arcades And Awareness

Often, when I get out of bed in the early morning, I pray that the Lord will give me something to write about that day and very often, He does! I would guess He does everyday but that I'm often too blind to pick up the signal. This past week was HOMECOMING at WCS which means we were on a completely different schedule all week which means I ate with the high school kids and teachers which means I found myself eating lunch with Preston Hill on Thursday. I've known Preston for almost as many years as I've been at WCS and I've would guess I've been on more missions trips with him than anyone I can think of, except Chad and Shelley Hedgepath. I asked about several of his students and I told him about some things I've used in classes lately. Preston then told me about a short film he was using in class that day and how the kids could not stop talking about it. Like most teachers/coaches, I'm a borrower so I immediately went back to my room and pulled it up. It's called Caine's Arcade and believe me, it's worth your time to watch the approximately eleven minute long you tube short feature. It's on my lesson plans for tomorrow after our quiz over Genesis 37. 

Here are some things my students will consider as they write their reactions to the clip:
The power of creativity and the strength of not giving up when it seems you are making no difference.
The power of awareness and how just one advocate, in this case, Nirvan,  can change the world.
How a seemingly random event like getting a door handle for a car can change lives around the world.

Since the filming of this piece two years ago, a college fund set up in Caine Monroy's honor has netted close to a quarter of a million dollars. An organization called Imagination Foundation celebrates kids playing and using their God given creativity. Caine has become noted in his own right and has now moved on to bigger things! Just Google his name and you'll see! ( posted an article entitled 9 Reasons Why The 9-Year-Old Founder Of Caine's Arcade Will Be A Billionaire In 30 Years)

This is the main point I'll try to emphasize to  the youngsters in my class: no one noticed others like Jesus or took an interest in the seemingly uninteresting like our Savior. Want to have a ministry that takes no training or funding? We can simply open our eyes to the people we pass by every day. They are waiting for someone to help them bring light into their universe and they may not even be aware. We don't have to make a film and we won't to post it on you tube. We start by caring.

Applicable quote of the day:
''Awareness without action is worthless.''
Phil McGraw 

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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