Tuesday, May 15, 2018

When Darth Vader Played Isaac

I love film clips to illustrate my points in class! This is from September 27, 2013.

We are in the middle of the Jacob and Esau saga in my Bible classes. We've taken quizzes over the arranged marriage of their parents, Isaac and Rebekah and the subsequent selling of the Esau's birthright for a simple meal. (I made the comparison of swapping a Jumbo Jack burger from Jack In The Box for a brand new Jaguar. I asked the kids how they would describe someone who would do that and the word that came to mind was stupid.) Yesterday, we took a quiz over the hoodwinking of Isaac by Rebekah and the younger of the fraternal twins, Jacob, to illegitimately get the blessing from Isaac that rightfully belonged to the older brother, Esau. On our test next Friday, the essay will revolve around whether a not a case can be made for Rebekah actually doing the right thing instead of just being an interfering mom playing favorites. Esau, who in Hebrews 12 was called Godless and had already married two pagan women, was obviously unfit and his elevation would go against prophecy. I told the students the story of Jacob and Esau and next week's episode where we throw Jacob's father-in-law (and Rebekah's brother)Laban into the mix would be a great soap opera except it seems so outlandish that no one would take it seriously!

Everyday in my classes except for test days, I show a film clip that goes along with our topic of the day. Last night, I found this hilarious bit on YouTube  You have to suspend your sense of reality temporarily as in this scene, the stealing of the blessing, is played out by characters from Star Wars. When we finished, I asked my laughing classes what was inaccurate from a Biblical perspective about this portrayal. The answer was..... nothing. Take three minutes and watch and giggle. The longer I teach, the more thankful I am of technology and the realization that there is more than one way to tell the Biblical story in a way that kids will enjoy- and remember.

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